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2SR100: Professional Development 2SR100_PROFDEV201718 Module
Advanced Performance Conditioning 3ST030 Module
Advanced Research Methods and Dissemination MSP001 Module
Advanced sport and exercise therapy skills 3SR205 Module
Advanced Training Principles 3SR107 Module
Applied Biomechanics for Performance 3SR101 Module
Applied Functional Anatomy 1SR104 Module
Applied Pedagogy Key Stage 3 2SR110 Module
Applied Pedagogy Key Stage 4 3SR110 Module
Applied Pedagogy Key Stages 1 and 2 1SR110 Module
Applied research methods and design 2SR203 Module
Applied Sociology of Sport 2SR111 Module
Applied sport and exercise biomechanics 3SR206 Module
Applied sport and exercise physiology 3SR207 Module
Applied sport and exercise psychology 3SR202 Module
Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology Interventions 3SR105 Module
Applied Sport Science for Coaches 2SR112 Module
Applying Theory in Sport & Exercise Psychology 2SR102 Module
Assessment Strategies in Physical Education 3SR111 Module
Athlete Development from Child to Athlete MCY003 Module
Biomechanics for Sport and Exercise 2SR106 Module
Biomechanics of sport and exercise 2SR206 Module
Child and Adolescent Development in Sport 1SR111 Module
Coaching in Practice 3SR112 Module
Coaching Strength and Conditioning 2SR104 Module
Conditioning Techniques 2SR108 Module
Contemporary issues in physical education and sports coaching 3SR203 Module
Contemporary Issues in Sport Development 3ST140 Module
Contemporary Sports Issues Forum 3ST130 Module
Corrective Exercise 3ST060 Module
Debate and Current Opinion in Sport, Exercise, and Physical Education MSP004 Module
Designing Effective Exercise Programmes 3SR104 Module
Developing Active Lifestyles 3ST110 Module
Developing Active Lifestyles 2SR105 Module
Dissertation 3ST020 Module
Dissertation 3SR100 Module
Effective Planning in Physical Education and Sports Coaching 3SR210 Module
Equity and diversity in sport education 1SR112 Module
Ethics in Sport and Physical Education 2SR113 Module
Evidence Based Practice in Physical Education, Sport Coaching and Sport Development 3SR113 Module
Exercise Referral 3ST090 Module
Foundations of Sports Coaching 1SR113 Module
Fundamental Sociological Issues in Sport, Culture and Society 1SR205 Module
Fundamentals of Sport and Exercise Biomechanics 1SR204 Module
Fundamentals of Sport and Exercise Physiology 1SR201 Module
Fundamentals of Sport and Exercise Psychology 1SR202 Module
Fundamentals of Sports Injury 2SR103 Module
Global Issues in Youth Sport 3SR114 Module
Interdisciplinary Working in Sport, Exercise, and Physical Education MSP003 Module
Introduction to Biomechanics 1SR105 Module
Introduction to Exercise Physiology 1SR107 Module
Introduction to Research Methods in Sport 1SR203 Module
Introduction to Research Skills in Sport 1SR101 Module
Introduction to Sport and Exercise Psychology 1SR106 Module
Introduction to UK Sport 1SR114 Module
Key pedagogical behaviours of sport educators 2SR202 Module
Kinesiology for teaching & coaching 1SR115 Module
Learning Through Sport 1 0SH001 Module
Management for Sport Development 3SR115 Module
Movement Analysis 1SR103 Module
Movement Analysis of Sports Performance 3ST070 Module
Nutrition & Lifestyle Strategies for Wellbeing 3ST100 Module
Nutrition for Active Lifestyles 2SR109 Module
Pedagogical processes in physical education and sports coaching 2SR205 Module
Performance Analysis MST001 Module
Performance Analysis in Strength & Conditioning 3SR103 Module
Personal, Academic and Professional Development in Sport 1SR100 Module
Physical Activity and Nutrition for Long Term Conditions 3SR108 Module
Physical education, sports coaching and pedagogy: professional practice 3ST120 Module
Physiological and Nutritional Basis of Performance 3ST040 Module
Physiology of sport and exercise 2SR201 Module
Placement in Sport, Exercise, or Physical Education MSP002 Module
Principles of Teaching, Coaching and Instructing 1SR102 Module
Professional Development 2SR100 Module
Professional Practice 3ST010 Module
Psychological Dimensions of Coaching MST002 Module
Research design and analysis 2SR200 Module
Research Methods in Sport 2SR101 Module
Research Methods in Sport 2SR116 Module
Research Paper 3SR200 Module
Research, Practice and Citizenship 1SR200 Module
Social justice in sport: ethical perspectives 2SR204 Module
Social justice in sport: sociological perspectives 3SR204 Module
Soft Tissue Therapy 2SR107 Module
Sport and exercise therapy skills 2SR207 Module
Sport and Spirituality 3ST150 Module
Sport and the Body 3ST160 Module
Sport for Development and Contemporary Issues 3SR116 Module
Sport in the community 1SR117 Module
Sport Policy and Practice 2SR114 Module
Sport Psychology 3ST050 Module
Sport, Culture and Society 1SR118 Module
Sport, development and society 2SR210 Module
Sport, Globalization and Development 3SR209 Module
Sports Injury Management 3ST080 Module
Sports Injury Prevention 3SR102 Module
Sports injury prevention 2SR208 Module
Sports injury reconditioning and return to sport 3SR208 Module
Sports Injury Rehabilitation 3SR106 Module
Teaching and coaching for lifelong participation 3SR201 Module
The Coaching Process 2SR115 Module
Theory and research in sport and exercise psychology 2SR209 Module
Training Interventions MST003 Module

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