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Name Code Type
Access to Postgraduate Study in Helping and Health Professions 3ID130 Module
Adolescent Development MPY103 Module
Adolescent Development & Behaviour 3PY342 Module
Adolescent Development and Behaviour 3PY406 Module
Advanced Criminal Law and Practice (L5) 2LW006 Module
Advanced Criminal Law and Practice (L6) 3LW020 Module
Advanced Data Applications 3DS001 Module
Advanced Data Applications 3DM002 Module
Advanced Legal Research 3LW004 Module
Advanced Research Methods MCJ001 Module
Advanced Research Methods (2PY406 ) 2PY406 Module
Advanced Research Methods 1 MSR001 Module
Advanced Research Methods 2 MSR002 Module
Advanced Topics in Algebra 3DM005 Module
Advanced Topics in Brain and Behaviour 2PY404 Module
Analysis & Optimisation 1DS005 Module
Analysis & Optimisation 1DM003 Module
Animal abuse and wildlife crime 3CL010 Module
Animal Behaviour & Comparative Psychology 3PY410 Module
Animal Psychology 3PY357 Module
Artificial Intelligence 3DS003 Module
Assessment of Individual Differences 2PY403 Module
Asylum and Immigration Law 3LW017 Module
Biological Bases of Behaviour 1PY402 Module
Child Development MPY102 Module
Childhood 1SC022 Module
Children, Families & the State 2SC023 Module
Clinical Psychology 3PY401 Module
Clinical Psychology 3PY341 Module
Coaching and Mentoring Skills in Practice 2CS141 Module
Cognition 1PY401 Module
Cognitive Psychology 2CS289 Module
Cognitive Psychology 2PY289 Module
Cognitive Psychology 1 1PY181 Module
Cognitive Psychology 2 2PY285 Module
Commercial Law and Practice (L5) 2LW005 Module
Commercial Law and Practice (L6) 3LW019 Module
Communication 1DS006 Module
Communication 1DM005 Module
Community Policing 1PC021 Module
Community Policing 1PC002 Module
Community Psychology 3PY352 Module
Company Law 3LW016 Module
Comparative politics 1PT005 Module
Complex Analysis & Transforms 2DM005 Module
Concepts & Perspectives in Sport and Exercise Psychology 3PY411 Module
Concepts and Perspectives in Sport and Exercise Psychology 3PY354 Module
Conceptual & Historical Issues in Psychology 1PY184 Module
Constitutional Law 1LW003 Module
Contemporary Developments in Sociological Thought 2SC001 Module
Contemporary Issues in Quantitative Psychology 3PY402 Module
Contemporary Social Theory 3SC001 Module
Contract Law 1LW002 Module
Controversies in Criminal Justice MCJ003 Module
Core Counselling Competences 2 MCS005 Module
Core Counselling Competencies 1 MCS002 Module
Corporate and White Collar Crime 3CL026 Module
Counselling & Psychotherapy Skills DCP112 Module
Counselling Approaches 2CS143 Module
Counselling Approaches in Psychology 3PY403 Module
Counselling Approaches in Psychology 3PY351 Module
Counselling Skills & Processes 1 3PY372 Module
Counselling Skills & Processes 2 3PY374 Module
Counselling Theory 1 MCS001 Module
Counselling Theory 2 MCS004 Module
Counter Terrorism 3PP004 Module
Crime and Deviance in the Contemporary World 1CL021 Module
Crime and deviance in the contemporary world 1CL005 Module
Crime and Media 3CL022 Module
Crime and popular culture 3CL005 Module
Crime and Society 2LW007 Module
Crime and the economy 2CL006 Module
Crime and the Economy 2CL023 Module
Criminal Justice 1PP004 Module
Criminal Law 1LW004 Module
Criminological Investigation 3CL020 Module
Criminological Theory MCJ002 Module
Criminology and crime prevention 1PP006 Module
Critical Approaches to Mental Health 3PY423 Module
Critical Criminology 3CL025 Module
Critical Introduction to Counselling 3PY371 Module
Critical Practice 1 3CS201 Module
Critical Practice 2 3CS204 Module
Critical Social Psychology MPY021 Module
Critical Social Psychology 3PY348 Module
Critical Social Psychology 3PY412 Module
Current Psychology 1PY404 Module
Cybercrime 3LW015 Module
Dark Personalities and Clinical Disorders 3PY417 Module
Data Visualisation 3DS002 Module
Databases 2DS001 Module
Death 3SC028 Module
Decision making and discretion 3PP003 Module
Designing evidence-based policing research 2PP001 Module
Designing Social Research MSR003 Module
Designing Sociological Investigations 2SC002 Module
Developing Humanistic Theory and Practice 1CS204 Module
Developing Professional Practice 2CS205 Module
Developmental Disorders 3PY332 Module
Developmental Psychology I 1PY185 Module
Developmental Psychology II 2PY282 Module
Developmental Psychopathology 3PY420 Module
Deviance 1SC024 Module
Difference and Diversity in Helping 1CS206 Module
Digital Entrepreneurship and Social Transformation 3SC027 Module
Digital Policing 3PP005 Module
Dissertation MSR004 Module
Dissertation 3CS103 Module
Dissertation 3DM001 Module
Dissertation 3LW009 Module
Dissertation 3PY340 Module
Dissertation MCJ008 Module
Doctoral Dissertation 1 DCP211 Module
Doctoral Dissertation 2 DCP221 Module
Doctoral Dissertation 3 DCP311 Module
Doctoral Dissertation 4 DCP321 Module
Employment Law (L5) 2LW009 Module
Employment Law (L6) 3LW021 Module
End Point Assessment 3DS004 Module
Enterprise and Research Group Project 2DM007 Module
Equity and Trusts 3LW001 Module
Ethical and Reflective Practice at Work 3CS100 Module
Ethnicity, Crime and the Criminal Justice System 2CL005 Module
Ethnicity, Nationality and Social Control 2CL024 Module
European Union Law 2LW002 Module
Everyday Applications of Cognitive Psychology MPY024 Module
Evidence 3LW006 Module
Evidence-based policing 2PC005 Module
Evidence-based Policing 2PC022 Module
Evidenced-based policing dissertation 3PP001 Module
Evolutionary Psychology 3PY353 Module
Experimental Research Methods 1PY403 Module
Exploring murder 3CL003 Module
Exploring Social Psychology 1PY400 Module
Face Processing 3PY349 Module
Family Law 3LW010 Module
Forensic Psychology 3PY346 Module
Foundations of Helping Relationships 1CS201 Module
Foundations of Human Development 1PY405 Module
Fundamentals of Criminological Theory 1CL020 Module
Fundamentals of criminological theory 1CL002 Module
Fundamentals of Law 1LW001 Module
Gender, Sexualities and Media Representations 3SC004 Module
Gender, Sexuality and Crime 2CL004 Module
Gender, Sexuality and Law 3LW005 Module
Gender, Sexuality and Media 2SC021 Module
Geometry & Groups 2DM004 Module
Geometry & Groups 2DS002 Module
Getting started in Counselling 1CSNEW Module
Global Crime MCJ007 Module
Graphs, Networks & Complex Systems 2DS005 Module
Graphs, Networks & Complex Systems 2DM002 Module
Group Psychotherapy DCP212 Module
Handling service users and incidents 1PC001 Module
Health, Illness and Society 3SC026 Module
Helping in the Community 1CS091 Module
Housing and Welfare Law 3LW008 Module
Human Memory: Theory and Application 3PY331 Module
Human Rights 2LW003 Module
Humanistic Foundations of Counselling Coaching and Mentoring 1CS093 Module
Humanistic Theories 1CS203 Module
Identity, Discourse and Ideology 1SC004 Module
Independent Research Project 3CS202 Module
Independent study 3PC001 Module
Independent study 3CL009 Module
Individual Differences 1 1PY183 Module
Individual Differences 2 2PY284 Module
Individual Psychotherapy DCP122 Module
Infant and Child Development 2PY401 Module
Intellectual Property Law 3LW014 Module
Intelligence and Information 2PP005 Module
International Criminal Law 3LW013 Module
International or global? Globalisation in debate. 1PT003 Module
Interpersonal skills 1CS092 Module
Interviewing (APP investigation) 2PC004 Module
Introducing politics: key concepts and skills 1PT001 Module
Introduction to Professional Practice 1CS205 Module
Introduction to Reading, Writing and Researching 1CS202 Module
Introduction to researching and writing for criminologists 1CL001 Module
Introduction to Sociological Theory 1SC020 Module
Introduction to Sociological Thought 1SC001 Module
Introduction to the Criminal Justice System 1CL024 Module
Investigating Cognitition 2PY405 Module
Investigating Sociologically 1SC002 Module
Investigation 2PP006 Module
Investigative Psychology 3PY407 Module
Issues in Criminal Justice 2CL022 Module
Jurisprudence 3LW011 Module
Key concepts for criminologists 1CL003 Module
Key Presenting Issues 2CS206 Module
Key Professional Issues and Debates in Counselling 3PY373 Module
Land Law 1LW005 Module
Language Development 3PY413 Module
Law in Action (1) 1LW006 Module
Law in Action (2) 2LW008 Module
Law of Succession 3LW002 Module
Lifespan Development 3PY418 Module
Linear Algebra 1DS002 Module
Linear Algebra 1DM001 Module
Managing demand 3PC002 Module
Managing Demand for Policing 3PC022 Module
Mathematical Physics & Applied Mathematics 3DM004 Module
Memory Improvement 3PY359 Module
Memory Improvement 3PY404 Module
Meta-patterns in Mathematics 3DM006 Module
Modelling & Numerical Analysis 2DM001 Module
Modelling & Numerical Analysis 2DS003 Module
Models of Coaching and Mentoring 2CS140 Module
MRes Thesis MPY104 Module
Murder 3CL028 Module
Neurodevelopmental Disorders 3PY409 Module
Neuropsychology 3PY356 Module
Neuropsychology 3PY414 Module
New acquisitions: Social Studies NEWACQSOCSTU Module
Number Theory and Cryptography 3DM003 Module
Object Oriented Programming 2DM006 Module
Object Oriented Programming 2DS004 Module
Occupational Psychology 3PY343 Module
Operators, Quantum Mechanics & Special Functions 3DM007 Module
Penology MCJ004 Module
Personality and Individual Differences 1PY406 Module
Philosophical aspects of criminological theory 3CL001 Module
Placement 1 DCP210 Module
Placement 2 DCP220 Module
Placement 3 DCP310 Module
Placement 4 DCP320 Module
Police and Policing 1PC020 Module
Policing MCJ006 Module
Policing communities and problem solving 1PP005 Module
Policing Mental Health 1PC003 Module
Policing the roads 2PP004 Module
Political philosophy: themes and thinkers 1PT006 Module
Political Psychology 3PY405 Module
Political Sociology 2SC024 Module
Politics and... : an interdisciplinary view 1PT004 Module
Practice in Inter-disciplinary problem-solving 1DS004 Module
Practice in Interdisciplinary Problem Solving 1DM004 Module
Preventing and Punishing 1CL022 Module
Preventing and punishing 1CL006 Module
Priority and volume 2PC003 Module
Prisons and penology 3CL008 Module
Prisons and Penology 3CL023 Module
Probability, Statistics & Data Analysis 1DM002 Module
Probability, Statistics & Data Analysis 1DS003 Module
Professional and Personal Development 3CS101 Module
Professional Conduct and Ethics 3LW003 Module
Professional Counselling Psychology DCP323 Module
Professional Identity 3CS205 Module
Professional Practice in Counselling Psychology DCP110 Module
Programming 1 1DS001 Module
Property Law and Practice (L5) 2LW004 Module
Property Law and Practice (L6) 3LW018 Module
Psychobiology I 1PY182 Module
Psychobiology II 2PY281 Module
Psychodynamic and Cognitive-Behavioural Approaches 2CS203 Module
Psychological Assessment Theories and Practice DCP113 Module
Psychological Interventions for Couples & Families DCP222 Module
Psychological Interventions Over the Lifespan DCP123 Module
Psychological Research Methods MPY100 Module
Psychological Science: Perspectives and Practicalities MPY022 Module
Psychology in Education 3PY347 Module
Psychology in the Light of Evolution 3PY416 Module
Psychology of Health 3PY345 Module
Psychology of Relationship 3CS102 Module
Psychology of Religion 3PY408 Module
Psychology of Work 2PY287 Module
Psychopathology & Advanced Psychotherapy Process DCP312 Module
Public Protection 3PP002 Module
Public Safety and Security 2PC021 Module
Public safety and security 2PC001 Module
Qualitative Approaches to Research 2CL001 Module
Qualitative Research Methods 2PY402 Module
Qualitative Research Methods 2PY280 Module
Quantitative Approaches to Research 2CL002 Module
Quantitative Sociological Investigations 2SC007 Module
Race, Religion and Law 3LW012 Module
Research Investigation MCS008 Module
Research Methods 1PY186 Module
Research Methods MID182 Module
Research Methods 2CS144 Module
Research Methods for Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring 2CS202 Module
Research Methods in Counselling Psychology DCP121 Module
Research Paper MPY101 Module
Research Paper MID183 Module
Research Paper 3PY400 Module
Research Participation Scheme 1 1PY408 Module
Research Participation Scheme 2 2PY407 Module
Research Participation Scheme 3 3PY4_ Module
Researching and Presenting… 1SS001 Module
Response policing 2PP002 Module
Safeguarding (Sex and Exploitation) 3PC023 Module
Safeguarding: sex and exploitation 3PC003 Module
Schools and Social Reproduction 1SC005 Module
Self Theory and Practice 2 MCS006 Module
Self, Theory and Practice MCS003 Module
Sex Work 3CL021 Module
Sex work 3CL006 Module
Skills for Counselling Practice 1CS094 Module
Skills for Practice 1CS090 Module
Social and Organisational Contexts of Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring 2CS147 Module
Social Change, Technology and Risk 2SC027 Module
Social Inequalities: Classical Debates 1SC003 Module
Social Inequalities: Contemporary Debates 2SC028 Module
Social Inequalities: Contemporary Debates 2SC004 Module
Social Inequalities: Key Themes 1SC023 Module
Social Psychology 2PY400 Module
Social Psychology 2PY283 Module
Social Research Methods 1 2SS001 Module
Social Research Methods 2 2SS002 Module
Social Sciences PhD reading list 1SSPHD Module
Sociological Investigation 3SC020 Module
Sociological Investigation 3SC002 Module
Sociology of Everyday Life 1SC021 Module
Sociology of Murder 3SC005 Module
Sociology of Religion 2SC005 Module
Sociology of Work 2SC022 Module
Solving Social Problems 3SC029 Module
Spatial Sociology 3SC021 Module
State, Nation and Migration 3SC025 Module
Statistics & Psychology 1 1PY187 Module
Statistics and Psychology 2 3PY355 Module
Statistics and Psychology II 2PY286 Module
Statistics and Psychology III 3PY344 Module
Study and employability skills 1PP003 Module
Study Skills 1PY180 Module
Surveillance 3CL004 Module
Survey Research Methods 1PY407 Module
Technology and Society 3SC022 Module
Terrorism and Law 3LW007 Module
Terrorism state crime and political violence 3CL002 Module
Terrorism, State Crime and Political Violence 2CL025 Module
The Ethical and Reflective Professional 3CS203 Module
The Psychology of Adolescent Development MPY020 Module
The Psychology of Child Development MPY023 Module
The Psychology of Creativity and Innovation 3PY350 Module
The role of the police 1PP001 Module
The Sociology of Deviance 1SC006 Module
The Sociology of Work 2SC003 Module
The Taming of Education 3SC007 Module
Theoretical Perspectives on Offending Behaviour 3PY415 Module
Theory and Practice of Coaching and Mentoring 2CS148 Module
Theory and Practice of Coaching and Mentoring 1 2CS201 Module
Theory and Practice of Coaching and Mentoring 2 2CS204 Module
Tort Law 2LW001 Module
UK politics: tradition and change 1PT002 Module
Urban Criminology 3CL024 Module
Valuing difference and inclusion 1PP002 Module
Vector Analysis, Fluids and Electromagnetism 2DM003 Module
Victimology MCJ005 Module
Victimology 1CL023 Module
Victimology 1CL004 Module
Violence and Reconciliation 2SC006 Module
Violence and Suffering 2SC025 Module
Vulnerability and risk 2PP003 Module
White collar and corporate crime 3CL011 Module
Work-based project 2DS006 Module
Working in a Social Context 2CS142 Module
Working in Organisations and Groups 2CS145 Module
Working with Criminology 2CL021 Module
Working with criminology 2CL003 Module
Working with policing and/or justice 2PC002 Module
Youth and Resistance 3SC006 Module
Youth and Resistance 3CL029 Module
Youth crime and justice 3CL007 Module

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