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Name Code Type
Artist as Witness (Theatre) 2TE060 Module
Community Dance Practice (Dance) 3DA020 Module
Composition 1 2MU170 Module
Facilitation for Applied Theatre (Theatre) 2TE030 Module
It's in the Finishing: Post-Production Editing and Sound 2FT210 Module
Multimedia Performance (Theatre) 2TE130 Module
Performance of the Self (Theatre) 2TE010 Module
Politics and the Play (Theatre) 2TE120 Module
Theatre in Social Context (Theatre) 2TE090 Module
21st Century Music Business 1MP109 Module
Acting 1DD007 Module
Advanced Composition 3MU303 Module
Advanced Mixing and Mastering 3MP105 Module
Advanced Production Skills (Cinematography/Production Design) 3MD004 Module
Advanced Production Skills (Directing/Producing) 3MD006 Module
Advanced Production Skills (Post Production) 3MD005 Module
Advanced Production Skills (Sound & Audio) 3MD003 Module
Advanced Solo Performance 3MU170 Module
Advanced Solo Performance 3MU302 Module
Adventures in Performance 3DD013 Module
Analysis, Composition and Dissemination MMU003 Module
Applied Media Production Skills 1MD008 Module
Applied Theatre Independent Project MPR233 Module
Applied Theatre Practice MPR150 Module
Applied Theatre Practice MPR200 Module
Applied Theatre Practices MPR232 Module
Artist as Witness 2DD008 Module
Auto/biography Performance 2DD007 Module
Being a Producer 1MP011 Module
Beyond Production 3MP012 Module
Big Screen Project 2FT206 Module
Children & Young People 2DD009 Module
Choreographic Project (Dance) 3DA030 Module
Choreography, Site, Environment 2DD005 Module
Collaborative Project (Music) 3MU309 Module
Collaborative project (Music: Composition) 3MU311 Module
Collaborative project (Music: Education and Community) 3MU312 Module
Collaborative project (Music: Performance) 3MU310 Module
Commissions and Collaborations MPR190 Module
Community Music independent Project MMU002 Module
Community Music Perspectives MMU001 Module
Community, Education and Wellbeing 3MU304 Module
Composing and Arranging 2MP107 Module
Composition 2MU307 Module
Composition 2 2MU180 Module
Composition 3 3MU140 Module
Composition 4 3MU160 Module
Composition and Reflection (Music Composition) MPR170 Module
Composition and Reflection (Performance) MPR120 Module
Contemporary Music 3MU110 Module
Contemporary Performance Practice 1: Forming a company 3DD011 Module
Contemporary Performance Practice: Commission 3DD012 Module
Contemporary Solo Performance 3MU120 Module
Contemporary Theatre Practice (Theatre) 3TE010 Module
Creative Business and Entrepreneurship 2MP109 Module
Creative Business Portfolio 2MP104 Module
Creative Business Research Project 3MP110 Module
Creativity and Knowledge (1) MPR080 Module
Creativity and Knowledge (2) MPR090 Module
Critical Concepts in Applied Theatre MPR210 Module
Critical Listening Skills 1MP108 Module
Critical Media 2FT207 Module
Critical Perspectives on Music Production MMP001 Module
Critical Studies in Music Production 2MP014 Module
Critical Studies in Music Production 2MP106 Module
Dance in Popular Culture 1DD011 Module
Dance Practice Placement 2DD004 Module
Dancing Archives 2DD003 Module
Developing a Producer's Ear 2MP108 Module
Developing Your Digital Music Portfolio 2MP102 Module
Developing Your Independent Music Production Portfolio 2MP103 Module
Developing Your Music Production Portfolio 2MP101 Module
Digital Music 2MP112 Module
Digital Music Portfolio 1MP102 Module
Digital Music Project 3MP102 Module
Digital Music Research Project 3MP108 Module
Dissertation 3FT991 Module
Dissertation 3DD024 Module
Dissertation (Applied Music) 3CR080 Module
Dissertation (Dance) 3CR020 Module
Dissertation (Music : Performance) 3MU307 Module
Dissertation (Music Studies) 3MU994 Module
Dissertation (Music) 3MU305 Module
Dissertation (Music) 3CR010 Module
Dissertation (Music: Composition) 3CR060 Module
Dissertation (Music: Composition) 3MU306 Module
Dissertation (Music: Education and Community) 3MU308 Module
Dissertation (Music: Performance) 3CR070 Module
DIY Musician 2MP115 Module
Documentary Film Studies 3FS101 Module
Documentary Production: Broadcast Contexts 3FT150 Module
Documentary Production: Constructing Reality 3FT151 Module
Documentary Production: Form and Context 1FT150 Module
Drama & Digital Media 2DD013 Module
Drumming 1MU302 Module
Drumming 1MU120 Module
Electronic Music 2MP116 Module
Engineering & Production 1MP010 Module
Ensemble Performance 2MU300 Module
Ensemble: Dance 1DD004 Module
Ensemble: Dramatic Texts 1DD005 Module
Ensemble: Visual Texts 1DD006 Module
Ensembles and Leadership 3MU300 Module
Enterprise and Employability 3MU301 Module
Experiential Anatomy 1DD008 Module
Experiments in Music 2MU311 Module
Fiction Production: Small Screen Fictions 3FT153 Module
Fiction Production: the Cinematic Experience 3FT152 Module
Film and Its' Audience 1FS100 Module
Film Music 2MU310 Module
Filmmakers on Film 1FS101 Module
Final Project 3MD001 Module
Funny Bones 2DD015 Module
Funny Words 2DD014 Module
Getting started in Media Production and Media Production: Film & Television 1MDFTNEW Module
Getting started in Media Production: Journalism 1MDJNEW Module
Improvisation 2MU301 Module
Improvisation 2MU110 Module
Independent & Entrepreneurial Media Production MMD001 Module
Independent Music Production Portfolio 1MP103 Module
Independent Music Production Project 3MP103 Module
Independent Music Production Research Project 3MP109 Module
Independent Practice and Research 3DD025 Module
Independent Practice and Research (Dance) 3DD020 Module
Independent Practice and Research (Drama - Education and Community) 3DD022 Module
Independent Practice and Research (Drama - Education and Community) 3DD021 Module
Independent Practice and Research (Drama and Dance) 3DD023 Module
Independent Practice and Research (Drama and Theatre) 3DD019 Module
Independent Practice as Research (Applied Theatre) 3TE030 Module
Independent Practice as Research (Performance Practice) 3TE040 Module
Independent Practice as Research (Performance Writing) 3TE050 Module
Independent Practice as Research (Theatre) 3TE020 Module
Independent Project 1 (Dance Education & Community) - Research 3DD007 Module
Independent Project 1 (Dance) - Research 3DD003 Module
Independent Project 1 (Drama & Dance) - Research 3DD009 Module
Independent Project 1 (Drama & Theatre) - Research 3DD001 Module
Independent Project 1 (Drama Education & Community) - Research 3DD005 Module
Independent Project 2 (Dance Education & Community) - Practice 3DD008 Module
Independent Project 2 (Dance) - Practice 3DD004 Module
Independent Project 2 (Drama & Dance)- Practice 3DD010 Module
Independent Project 2 (Drama & Theatre) - Practice 3DD002 Module
Independent Project 2 (Drama: Education & Community) - Practice 3DD006 Module
Indies: To Indiewood and Beyond 2MD009 Module
Interactive Music Production 2MP117 Module
Intertext 2DD011 Module
Intertext (Theatre) 2TE050 Module
Introduction to Film & Television 1FT200 Module
Introduction to Media 1MD001 Module
Introduction to Production Musicology 1MP106 Module
Journalism in Practice 3MD010 Module
Location Recording 2MP111 Module
Magazine Production 3MD002 Module
Major Project 3MP001 Module
Making and Touring (Dance) 3DA010 Module
Making Music 1MP107 Module
Marketing and PR for the Independent Musician 2MP110 Module
Media Law & Public Affairs 2MD003 Module
Media Production Independent Project MMD002 Module
Media Production Skills 1MD002 Module
Media Production Skills 1MD005 Module
Minor Project 3MP002 Module
Movement Invention 1DD003 Module
Moving image traditions: digital futures, celluloid pasts MPD004 Module
Music Composition Independent Project MMU004 Module
Music Ensembles 1 2MU150 Module
Music Ensembles 2 2MU160 Module
Music Ensembles 3 3MU130 Module
Music Ensembles 4 3MU150 Module
Music in Education 2MU100 Module
Music in Education 3MU190 Module
Music in Education and Lifelong Learning 2MU308 Module
Music in the Community 2MU120 Module
Music in the Community 2MU309 Module
Music Production Enterprise Portfolio 1MP104 Module
Music Production for the Moving Image 2MP113 Module
Music Production Independent Project MMU006 Module
Music Production Portfolio 1MP101 Module
Music Production Project MMP005 Module
Music Production Project 3MP101 Module
Music Production Research Project 3MP107 Module
Music Production Techniques 1MP001 Module
Music Production Techniques 2 2MP001 Module
Music Skills 1MU300 Module
Music techniques 1MU110 Module
Music Techniques 2 2MU190 Module
Music Techniques 3 3MU180 Module
Musics and Societies 2CR020 Module
New Music, New Ideas 2MU302 Module
New Music, New Ideas (Music, Composition) 2MU304 Module
New Music, New Ideas (Music: Education and Community) 2MU305 Module
New Music, New Ideas (Music: Performance) 2MU303 Module
Newsdays (Radio & Online) 2MD002 Module
Newsdays (TV & Online) 2MD006 Module
Performance Histories 1 1DD001 Module
Performance Histories 2 1DD002 Module
Performance in Social Context 2DD010 Module
Perspectives on Music 1MU303 Module
Perspectives on Music Production MMU005 Module
Physical Theatres 2DD006 Module
Podcast Project 2MD016 Module
Politically Engaged Practice 1 2DD001 Module
Politically Engaged Practice 2 2DD002 Module
Politics and the Play 2DD016 Module
Practice and Dissemination (Music Composition) MPR180 Module
Pre-Production MPD001 Module
Producing Music 2MP010 Module
Producing Recorded Music MMP004 Module
Production Practice 1 1MP002 Module
Production Practice 2 2MP002 Module
Production Practice 3 3MP003 Module
Production Project 3FT200 Module
Production Project 3MP010 Module
Professional & Reflective Practice 3FT201 Module
Professional and Reflexive Practice 3F158 Module
Professional Portfolio 3MD011 Module
Professional Portfolio 3DD018 Module
Professional Portfolio (Dance) 3DD015 Module
Professional Portfolio (Drama & Theatre) 3DD014 Module
Professional Portfolio (Drama & Comedy) 3DD026 Module
Professional Portfolio (Drama: Education & Community) 3DD017 Module
Professional Portfolio for Journalists 3MD012 Module
Professional Practice 2MD007 Module
Professional Practice Portfolio (Dance) 3DA040 Module
Progressing Your Music Production Career 3MP106 Module
Project Management and Productivity 1MP110 Module
Radio Project 2MD005 Module
Reporting (News & Features) 1MD006 Module
Research and Enterprise in Music 3MU100 Module
Research Project 3FT202 Module
Research Project 3MD007 Module
Research Project 3MP011 Module
Schools Project (Theatre) 2TE080 Module
Screen Language 1FT201 Module
Screen Production 2MD001 Module
Screenwriting: concept development 1FT151 Module
Screenwriting: Original Project Development 2FT211 Module
Screenwriting: Special Project 3FT155 Module
Screenwriting: Writing to Order 3FT154 Module
Short Film Project 2MD004 Module
Small Screen Project: Television 2FT201 Module
Society on Screen 1FT204 Module
Solo Performance 2MU140 Module
Solo Performance 2MU306 Module
Song & Artist Development 2MP013 Module
Song Writing 1MP012 Module
Sound and Acoustics 1MP111 Module
Sound Design for the Moving Image 2MP114 Module
Sound Engineering and Music Technology 1MP105 Module
Story to Script 1MD004 Module
Storytelling (Factual) 1MD003 Module
Studio Production (Radio) 3MD009 Module
Studio Production (TV) 3MD008 Module
Studio Recording and Computer-based Production 2MP105 Module
Technology & Creativity MMP003 Module
Texts, scripts, scores (Theatre) 2TE100 Module
The 21st Century Audience 2MP012 Module
The 21st Century Audience 2MU130 Module
The Body Is The Frame: Performance 2FT202 Module
The Business of Media 2FT203 Module
The Business of Music Production MMP002 Module
The Professional Producer 2MP011 Module
The Reflective Practitioner MPR231 Module
Theatre & Performance Independent Project MPR235 Module
Theatre and Scenography (Theatre) 2TE110 Module
Theatre Making MPR234 Module
Transmedia Practice 2MD008 Module
VOX 1MU301 Module
What's in the Frame? Cinematography & Production Design 2FT212 Module
Workshop Practice 1DD010 Module
Writing After Beckett 2DD012 Module
Writing and Theatre 1DD009 Module
Your Music Business Project 3MP104 Module

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