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Name Code Type
Accelerated Japanese 1 1LLJA1 Module
Accelerated Japanese 2 1LLJA2 Module
Accelerated Korean 1 1LLKO1 Module
Accelerated Korean 2 1LLKO2 Module
Accents and Dialects MLG012 Module
Acquired Communication Disorders MLG009 Module
Advanced BSL 1 1LBS06-2LBS06-3LBS06 Module
Advanced BSL 2 3LBS07 Module
Advanced BSL 2 2LBS07 Module
Advanced BSL 2 1LBS07-2LBS07-3LBS07 Module
Advanced BSL 3 1LBS08-2LBS08-3LBS08 Module
Advanced English Language Skills 0LS107 Module
Analysing Media Texts MLG018 Module
Analysing Media Texts 2LL205 Module
Analysing Talk 2LL203 Module
Analysing Talk for TESOL 2LL214 Module
Analysing Talk-in-Interaction 2LL303 Module
Analysing Texts 2LL305 Module
Applied Linguistics at Work 2LL207 Module
Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching 1LL203 Module
Applied Phonetics and Phonology 2LL301 Module
Assessment, Diagnosis and Management of Communication Disorder MLG019 Module
Attitudes to Language MLG013 Module
Attitudes to Language 3LL202 Module
Attitudes to Language 3LL302 Module
British Sign Language Advanced Part 1 (Level 1) 1LBS60 Module
BSL Advanced 1 1LBS06 Module
BSL Advanced 2 1LBS07 Module
BSL Advanced 3 1LBS08 Module
BSL Beginners 2LBS01 Module
BSL Beginners 1LBS01 Module
BSL Continuation 3LBS02 Module
BSL Continuation 2LBS02 Module
BSL Continuation 1LBSO2 Module
BSL Continuation 1LBS02 Module
BSL Intermediate 1 2LBS03 Module
BSL Intermediate 1 1LBS03 Module
BSL Intermediate 2 3LBS04 Module
BSL Intermediate 2 1LBS04 Module
BSL Intermediate 2 2LBS04 Module
BSL Intermediate 3 3LBS05 Module
BSL Intermediate 3 1LBS05 Module
BSL Intermediate 3 2LBS05 Module
Child Language Acquisition 3LL307 Module
Classroom Language Research MEL030 Module
Communication, Reasoning and Persuasion 2LL310 Module
Deaf Cultures 1LL316 Module
Deaf History 1LL315 Module
Deaf Social Theory 3LL315 Module
Deaf Visual Experience 2LL316 Module
Descriptive Grammar of English 1LL303 Module
Developmental Communication Disorders MLG010 Module
Dissertation 3LL310 Module
Dissertation (40 credits) 3LL210 Module
Dissertation (MEL041, MEL040, MLG003) MEL040 Module
Dissertation: Clinical Linguistics MLG002 Module
Dissertation: Japanese Language Teaching MLG003 Module
Dissertation: Language and Linguistics MLG001 Module
Dissertation: TESOL MEL041 Module
e-communication 2LL211 Module
ELT Research Project 3LL208 Module
English Accents and Dialects 3LL201 Module
English Accents and Dialects 3LL301 Module
English for Academic Purposes 0LS106 Module
English Language and Linguistics 1LL300 Module
English Language Learner Resources (English Language Learner resources) ENGLISH-LANGUAGE-LEARNER-RESOURCES Module
English Language Skills 0LS101 Module
Forensic Linguistics 2LL311 Module
Forensic Linguistics 2LL216 Module
French Advanced 1 1LFR06 Module
French Advanced 2 1LFR07 Module
French Advanced Language and Culture 1LFR08 Module
French Beginners 1LFR01 Module
French Continuation 1LFR02 Module
French Intermediate 1 1LFR03 Module
French Proficiency 3LFR09 Module
French Proficiency 1LFR09 Module
French Proficiency Language & Culture 3LF060 Module
German Advanced 1 1LGE06 Module
German Advanced 2 1LGE07 Module
German Beginners 1LGE01 Module
German Continuation 1LGE02 Module
German Intermediate 1 1LGE03 Module
German Proficiency 1LGE09 Module
German Proficiency 3LGE09 Module
German Proficiency Language & Culture 3LGE060 Module
Global Issues 1 0LS103 Module
Global Issues 2 0LS109 Module
Graded Readers Level Five (Graded Readers Level Five) GRADED-READERS-LEVEL-FIVE Module
Graded Readers Level Four (Graded Readers Level Four) GRADED-READERS-LEVEL-FOUR Module
Graded Readers Level One (Graded Readers Level One) GRADED-READERS-LEVEL-ONE Module
Graded Readers Level Six (Graded Readers Level Six) GRADED-READERS-LEVEL-SIX Module
Graded Readers Level Three (Graded Readers Level Three) GRADED-READERS-LEVEL-THREE Module
Graded Readers Level Two (Graded Readers Level Two) GRADED-READERS-LEVEL-TWO Module
Graded Readers Level Zero (Graded Readers Level Zero) GRADED-READERS-LEVEL-ZERO Module
Grammar and Phonetics for TESOL 3LL205 Module
Groupwork Skills 0LS105 Module
Intercultural Communication 2LL317 Module
Intercultural Communication 1LL317 Module
Introduction to English Language and Linguistics 1LL210 Module
Introduction to English Language and Linguistics 2 1LL204 Module
Introduction to Language and Society 1LL202 Module
Italian Beginners 1LIT01 Module
Italian Continuation 1LIT02 Module
Japanese Advanced 1 3LJA06 Module
Japanese Advanced 2 3LJA07 Module
Japanese Advanced Language and Culture 1LJA08 Module
Japanese Beginners 1LJA01 Module
Japanese Communication 1 1LLJA3 Module
Japanese Communication 2 1LLJA4 Module
Japanese Continuation 1LJA02 Module
Japanese Intermediate 1 1LJA03 Module
Japanese Intermediate 2 1LJA04 Module
Japanese Language Teaching Methodology A MLG020 Module
Japanese Language Teaching Methodology B MLG021 Module
Japanese Proficiency 1LJA09 Module
Japanese Proficiency 3LJA09 Module
Japanese Society and Culture MLG022 Module
Key concepts for language learning and teaching 1LL306 Module
Key Themes in Applied Linguistics MEL061 Module
Korean Beginners 1LKO01 Module
Korean Continuation 3LKO02 Module
Korean Continuation 1LKO02 Module
Korean Continuation 2LKO02 Module
Language & Society MLL004 Module
Language Acquisition 2LL200 Module
Language and Cognition MLL003 Module
Language and Identities MLG015 Module
Language and Identities 3LL203 Module
Language and Interaction MLG011 Module
Language and Literacy MLG016 Module
Language and Literacy 2LL201 Module
Language and Literacy 2LL307 Module
Language and Society 1LL302 Module
Language and Society MLG007 Module
Language at Work 2LL206 Module
Language at Work 2LL306 Module
Language at Work (Distance) 2LL318 Module
Language in Inter-Action 3LL204 Module
Language in Inter-Action 3LL304 Module
Language Learning Know-how 1LA020 Module
Language Structure MLL001 Module
Language Structure: Grammar 1LL207 Module
Language Structure: Phonetics 1LL206 Module
Language Teaching Methodology MEL020 Module
Language, Gender and Sexuality 2LL304 Module
Language, Gender and Sexuality 2LL204 Module
Language, Identities and Cultures 3LL303 Module
Languages Carousel 1LA011 Module
Languages in the Workplace 2LA031 Module
Languages Research Project 3LA030 Module
Languages Research Project 3LA041 Module
Languages Research Project Part 1 3LA021 Module
Languages Research Project Part 2 3LA031 Module
Languages Research Study 3LA060 Module
Linguistic Diversity in the Classroom 2LL300 Module
Mandarin Chinese Beginners 1LMC01 Module
Mandarin Chinese Continuation 1LMC02 Module
Multilingualism 1LL205 Module
Multilingualism 1LL305 Module
Non-Fiction Graded Readers - A2 Pre-Intermediate (Non-Fiction Graded Readers - A2 Pre-Intermediate) NON-FICTION-GRADED-READERS--A2-PRE-INTERMEDIATE Module
Non-Fiction Graded Readers - B1 Intermediate (Non-Fiction Graded Readers - B1 Intermediate) NON-FICTION-GRADED-READERS--B1-INTERMEDIATE Module
Non-Fiction Graded Readers - B2 Upper Intermediate (Non-Fiction Graded Readers - B2 Upper Intermediate) NON-FICTION-GRADED-READERS--B2-UPPER-INTERMEDIATE Module
Non-Fiction Graded Readers - C1 Advanced (Non-Fiction Graded Readers - C1 Advanced) NON-FICTION-GRADED-READERS--C1-ADVANCED Module
Phonetics 1LL304 Module
Phonetics and Phonology 2LL210 Module
Polish Beginner 2LPL01 Module
Polish Beginner 1LPL01 Module
Political Discourse Analysis and Rhetoric MLG024 Module
Practical English Language Teaching MEL050 Module
Pre-validated ELL modules XLL0XX Module
Preparing for English Language Teaching 3LL209 Module
Psycholinguistics 2LL308 Module
Psycholinguistics 2LL208 Module
Psycholinguistics MLG014 Module
Reflections and Connections in Linguistics 3LL207 Module
Reflections in Educational Linguistics 3LL309 Module
Reflections in Linguistics 3LL308 Module
Research in Applied Linguistics MEL090 Module
Research in Language and Linguistics MLG004 Module
Second Language Acquisition MLG006 Module
Second Language Acquisition MEL010 Module
Semantics and Pragmatics 1LL201 Module
Semantics and Pragmatics 1LL301 Module
Sociolinguistics 2LL309 Module
Sociolinguistics 2LL209 Module
Sociolinguistics of British Sign Language 2LBS09 Module
Spanish Advanced 1 1LSP06 Module
Spanish Advanced 2 1LSP07 Module
Spanish Advanced Language and Culture 1LSP08 Module
Spanish Beginners 1LSP01 Module
Spanish Continuation 1LSP02 Module
Spanish Intermediate 1 1LSP03 Module
Spanish Proficiency 1LSP09 Module
Spanish Proficiency 3LSP09 Module
Spanish Proficiency Language & Culture 3LSP060 Module
Speech and Language Pathology 3LL306 Module
Speech and Language Pathology 3LL206 Module
Study Abroad 60-CR ELL 2LL212 Module
Subject Area 1 0LS104 Module
Subject Area 2 0LS110 Module
Syntax: Theory and Application MLG008 Module
TESOL Theories and Methods 3LL300 Module
Texts & Technology MLL002 Module
The Professional Linguist 3LA051 Module
Themes in Applied Linguistics MEL060 Module
Themes in Japanese Linguistics MLG023 Module
Themes in Language and Linguistics MLG005 Module
Theories and Methodologies in TESOL 3LL200 Module
Theory and Practice in Language Teaching MEL021 Module
Translation Methodology and Practice MEL070 Module
Translation Technology and Practice MEL080 Module
World Englishes 2LL302 Module
World Englishes MLG017 Module
World Englishes 2LL202 Module
XX - Languages in Business (XX - Languages in Business) XX--LANGUAGES-IN-BUSINESS Module

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