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Name Code Type
0FH000 - Independent Project 0FH000 Module
1HI500A 1HI500A Module
Adaptations 2EN470 Module
Age of nationalism 1849-1914 2HI092 Module
Alternative Americas MAS004 Module
America's Century United States Foreign Affairs in the 20th Century 1AS201 Module
American Foundations 1AS200 Module
American Literature in the Twentieth Century 3EN280 Module
American Literature, Space and Place 2EN480 Module
American Radicals: Outside the Canon 3EN605 Module
American Studies at Work 2AS202 Module
Animations 3FS100 Module
Applied GIS 3GE305 Module
Argufying: Rhetoric, Reason and Reflection 0FH002 Module
Atlantic World 3HI508 Module
Authoritarianism 3PT007 Module
BA Theology and Religious Studies: Student Research BATRSRESEARCH1819 Module
BA Theology and Religious Studies: Student Research BATRSRESEARCH1718 Module
Being Human 1: Structure, Agency and Identity 0FH003 Module
Being Human 2: Culture, Truth and Myth 0FH004 Module
Britain on Film 1FS102 Module
British Government and the State 2PT005 Module
British Literature: The State of the Art MEN172 Module
Buddhism in India and Southeast Asia 2RS003 Module
Buddhism resources - Buddhism resources (Buddhism resources) BUDDHISM-RESOURCES Module
Buddhist ethics 3TH450 Module
Buddhist ethics 3RS005 Module
Canonicity 1EN604 Module
Canonicity: Making and Breaking the Canon 3EN310 Module
Catholic distinctiveness 1TC604 Module
Chaplaincy and mission 2TP007 Module
Chaplaincy and public theology 3TP003 Module
Chaplaincy in the Multi-Faith Environment MTM011 Module
Chaplaincy within the Mission of the Church MTM009 Module
Chinese New Year - resources (Chinese New Year) CHINESE-NEW-YEAR Module
Christian engagement with ethical issues 3TP005 Module
Christian ethics 3TH341 Module
Christian resources - Christianity resources (Christian resources) CHRISTIAN-RESOURCES Module
Christian spirituality in the contemporary context 3THB23 Module
Christian Theology in the Modern World 2RS013 Module
Christian Theology Today 3THB22 Module
Church and Mission in social and cultural context 3THB19 Module
Church, Culture and Mission MTM005 Module
Church, Spirit and Christian Community (Placement) 1TP004 Module
Cinema and Society 1AS202 Module
Cinema of Conflict 3AS200 Module
Cities in Transition 3GE304 Module
Cityscapes MAS002 Module
Civil War to Civil Society: British Literature 1640-1760 *LIST UNDER REVIEW* 2EN600 Module
Comedy, culture and national identity 2CP061 Module
Conceptions of the Good Life MRS002 Module
Conflict on the East Asian Mainland 3HI270 Module
Conflicting Words 2EN511 Module
Contemporary American Literature MEN072 Module
Contemporary approaches to biblical studies 3THB21 Module
Contemporary Biblical Interpretation 3TP001 Module
Contemporary Biblical Studies MTM002 Module
Contemporary Christian Ministry MTM006 Module
Contemporary Christian spirituality 3THB07 Module
Contemporary Christian Theology MTM001 Module
Contemporary Christianity 3RS001 Module
Contemporary Christianity 3TH191 Module
Contemporary Crisis 1HI501 Module
Contemporary political philosophy 3PT002 Module
Contemporary Writing 1EN460 Module
Contextualising issues in professional practice 8PD002 Module
Convergence Cultures 2CP200 Module
Creative Research for Creative Writers 1CW203 Module
Creative Research in Practice 3CW102 Module
Creative writing (B) 3EN260 Module
Creative Writing Project (40 credits) 3CW103 Module
Creative Writing Project (60 credits) 3CW104 Module
Creative Writing Project (Creative Writing) 3EN820 Module
Critical Approaches to American Studies MAS001 Module
Critical Approaches to Creative Writing MCW200 Module
Critical Approaches to Creative Writing MCW001 Module
Critical challenges for Christian ministry 3TP006 Module
Critical issues in Christian Ministry 3THB20 Module
Critical Perspectives 1CP201 Module
Critical Perspectives on Contemporary Literature MEN060 Module
Critical Thinking and Academic Skills in Geography 1GE304 Module
Cult and Extreme Cinema 1FS103 Module
Cultural communications: process and practice 1TP011 Module
Culture and Landscape 2GE302 Module
Culture and Landscape 2HG002 Module
Cultures of Childhood 2EN212 Module
Cultures of the Now: Contemporary Writing 3EN606 Module
Currents in Contemporary Christian Theology 3TP004 Module
Cyber Warfare 3WS001 Module
Decolonisation and the Post-Colonial World MHI202 Module
Democracies 2PT008 Module
Developing reflective practice 2TP002 Module
Digital Humanities for Historians MHI207 Module
Discipleship, vocation and spirituality 1TP003 Module
Dissertation 3PT012 Module
Dissertation MEN993 Module
Dissertation MRS009 Module
Dissertation 3TH999 Module
Dissertation (Christian Theology) 3RS019 Module
Dissertation (FT Route) MEN106 Module
Dissertation (Part-time) MEN107 Module
Dissertation (Religion Philosophy and Ethics) 3RS023 Module
Dissertation (Religious Studies) 3RS021 Module
Dissertation (Theology and Ministry) MTM008 Module
Dissertation (Theology and Religious Studies) 3RS025 Module
Dissertation (Theology and Religious Studies) MTM016 Module
Dissertation - Chaplaincy MTM014 Module
Dissertation Part 1 (Research Route) MCR011 Module
Dissertation Part 2 (Research Route) MCR012 Module
Documentary Film Studies 3FS020 Module
Early Victorian England 3HI505 Module
Early Victorian England : poverty and prosperity 3HI112 Module
Earth Systems and Geomorphology 1GE307 Module
Eboracum: York, Space and Place 0FH001 Module
Ecosystems and Biogeography 1GE302 Module
Eighteenth-Century Writing 2EN460 Module
Emerging Churches in Cultural Context 3TP002 Module
Empires 1HI502 Module
Engaging in theology 3TH531 Module
Engaging with Philosophical Texts 2RS012 Module
English Literature Research Project (40 credits) 3EN996 Module
Environmental Change 2GE303 Module
Environmental Fieldwork 3GE309 Module
Environmental Geography Dissertation 3GE303 Module
Environmental Geography Fieldwork Studies 1GE310 Module
Environmental Hazards 2GE304 Module
Ethics in Christian Ministry 3THB17 Module
Europe and the EU 2PT010 Module
Europe in the Age of Nationalism, c1848-1914 2HI500 Module
European Cinema 2FS103 Module
Evolution, Theology and Ethics 3RS009 Module
Experiential Learning for War Studies 2WS001 Module
Experimental Writing: Theory and Practice 3CW101 Module
Feminist Ethics and Religion 3RS010 Module
Feminist Theologies 3RS003 Module
Film and the American Imagination 2FS101 Module
Film, Ethics and Theology 2RS018 Module
Foreign policy 2PT012 Module
Forgiveness and Reconciliation 3RS008 Module
Form and Genre Now MEN101 Module
Forms of Narrative 1EN230 Module
Forms of Narrative 1CW101 Module
Forms of Narrative 1CW200 Module
Foundations in multi-faith chaplaincy 1TP010 Module
Foundations of Christian Theology 1RS005 Module
Freedom and Justice 0FH005 Module
From Descartes to Marx: Philosophers and Religion 2RS014 Module
From Harlem to Hip-Hop: African American Literature and Culture *LIST UNDER REVIEW* 2EN605 Module
From Slavery to Freedom 2AS201 Module
From Slavery to Freedom The Black Experience in the United States 2AS032 Module
Futures 3CP200 Module
FY Education module 1FH001 Module
FY Geography and History module 1FH002 Module
FY Language and Linguistics module 1FH003 Module
FY Literature and Media module 1FH004 Module
FY Psychology and Social Sciences module 1FH005 Module
FY Theology, RS and Philosophy module 1FH006 Module
Gender and Sexualities 3EN290 Module
Gender and Writing 1EN450 Module
Genre and Audience MCW204 Module
Geographers Professional Practice 2GE308 Module
Geographical Thought 2GE305 Module
Geography Dissertation 3GE302 Module
Geography Fieldwork Studies 1GE309 Module
Getting started with Geography 1GENEW Module
Global and local mission 2TP006 Module
Global governance 3PT009 Module
Global justice 3PT004 Module
Global Mass Communication Futures 3MZ002 Module
Globalisation 2CP204 Module
Globalisation 2CP100 Module
Gothic & Horror 2EN190 Module
Gothic and Horror (Film Studies) 2FS102 Module
Gothic Origins 3EN602 Module
Habitat Management 3GE307 Module
Hinduism resources - Hinduism resources (Hinduism resources) HINDUISM-RESOURCES Module
Historicising the Contemporary MEN102 Module
Historicising the Contemporary MEN108 Module
History, Community and Culture 2HI502 Module
History, Film and Television 2HI507 Module
Hived out, hived in: delegation in the modern British state 3PT005 Module
Human Geographies of Yorkshire 1HG002 Module
Human Geography - Critical Thinking and Study Skills 1HG003 Module
Human Geography Dissertation 3GE301 Module
Human Geography Dissertation 3HG001 Module
Human Geography Fieldwork Studies 1GE311 Module
Human Geography Fieldwork Studies 1HG006 Module
Human Geography Professional Practice 2HG005 Module
Identifying and articulating issues in professional practice 8PD001 Module
Imaginary Worlds: Researching Science Fiction 2EN440 Module
Imagining the Future: Environment, Apocalypse and the Digital Revolution 0FH006 Module
Imperial Crisis MHI201 Module
Independent Cinema 2FS100 Module
Independent learning unit 3THB10 Module
Independent learning unit in theology and ministry 2THB05 Module
Independent study 3TP009 Module
Independent Study MRS008 Module
Independent study 2TP009 Module
Independent Study (Chaplaincy) MTM013 Module
Independent Study (Theology and Religious Studies) MTM015 Module
Indian philosophy 2RS011 Module
Influencing and impacting on issues in professional practice 8PD004 Module
International Organisations in the Twentieth Century 2HI508 Module
International relations: theory and practice 2PT011 Module
International/Cross-Cultural Fieldwork 3HG004 Module
International/Cross-Cultural Fieldwork 3GE308 Module
Introduction to American Literature 1AS203 Module
Introduction to Asian Religions 1RS004 Module
Introduction to chaplaincy and mission 1TP009 Module
Introduction to Christianity 1RS006 Module
Introduction to Creative Writing 1CW102 Module
Introduction to Creative Writing 1CW201 Module
Introduction to Islam 1RS003 Module
Introduction to Literary Studies I 1EN600 Module
Introduction to Literary Studies II 1EN602 Module
Introduction to Pastoral Care 1TP008 Module
Introduction to War Studies 1WS001 Module
Islam in a global context 2RS015 Module
Islam in the modern world 3TH430 Module
Islam resources - Islam resources (Islam resources) ISLAM-RESOURCES Module
Issues in Contemporary Judaism 2RS010 Module
Issues in Contemporary Theology 3RS007 Module
Issues of Taste 2CP070 Module
Issues of Taste 2CP201 Module
Jesus and Christian Morality 1TC603 Module
Jewish Belief and Practice 1RS007 Module
Judaism resources - Judaism resources (Judaism resources) JUDAISM-RESOURCES Module
Late Anglo-Saxon England 3HI512 Module
Late Victorian and Edwardian Britain 3HI122 Module
Late Victorian and Edwardian Britain, c1868-1914 3HI501 Module
Leadership and change in the Church 3THB13 Module
Literary Theory 2EN450 Module
Literature at Work 2EN510 Module
Literature Studies Research Project (JH EN) 3EN997 Module
Local politics: Government, community and policy 2PT007 Module
MA Chaplaincy Studies MACHAPSTUDS Module
MA Theology and Ministry research modules (MTM007 & MTM008) MTM007 Module
Main Currents in International History MHI200 Module
Making of Britain Nations, Cultures and Identities 1HI101 Module
Mapping America *LIST UNDER REVIEW* 2EN602 Module
Mapping the Geographies of Yorkshire 1GE303 Module
Mass Communications Project 3MZ004 Module
Mass Communications Research Methods 3MZ001 Module
Mass Communications Research Project 3MZ003 Module
Matters of Life and Death 2RS016 Module
MCR010 - Dissertation (professional route) MCR010 Module
Media Enterprise 2CP205 Module
Media Enterprise NO_MODULE_CODE_2238 Module
Media Futures and Cybercultures 3CP011 Module
Media Geographies 3CP060 Module
Media Geographies 3CP201 Module
Media Publics and Power 1CP202 Module
Media Research 1CP203 Module
Media, Culture and Society 1CP204 Module
MFA Manuscript and Critical Commentary MCW011 Module
MFA Portfolio Progress MCW010 Module
Ministry and praxis 2THB04 Module
Multi-faith chaplaincy 2TP008 Module
Mystical traditions in the Abrahamic religions 3RS012 Module
Mysticism in world religions 2RS023 Module
Nature Conservation 1GE308 Module
Nature of History 3HI161 Module
Nature/Culture 3GE306 Module
Nature/Culture 3HG005 Module
Negotiated study 3THB11 Module
Negotiated study 1 3TH142 Module
Negotiated study 1 3RS016 Module
Negotiated study 2 3RS017 Module
New Age and Pagan Spiritualities 1RS001 Module
New Media Research 3CP070 Module
New Testament Studies 2RS008 Module
Nineteenth Century Writing 3EN320 Module
Options and issues in moral theology 3TH440 Module
Ordinary Theology MTM003 Module
Origins of the Second World War 3HI503 Module
Palgrave ebooks for Theology PALEBOOKTRS Module
Participation and engagement: elections and beyond 2PT009 Module
Pastoral care 2THB27 Module
Pastoral leadership 2TP003 Module
People and Power MHI206 Module
Peril and Progress: Security in the Post-1945 World MHI203 Module
Philosophies of knowing: science and religious world views 3TH470 Module
Philosophy and Religion 1RS009 Module
Philosophy in world religions 3TH331 Module
Plague, Piety and Power: Europe c.1300-1550 2HI510 Module
Political analysis: theory and method 2PT001 Module
Political ideologies 2PT002 Module
Political parties and politicians in the UK 2PT006 Module
Political violence 3PT008 Module
Politics of the environment 3PT010 Module
Pop Americana: Contemporary Popular Culture 3AS201 Module
Popular Genres 2CP202 Module
Popular Protest 1HI506 Module
Popular religion 3TH400 Module
Portfolio MCW005 Module
Postcolonial Literature MEN042 Module
Professional Development MCR002 Module
Publishing, Production and Performance 2CW102 Module
Reading Literature 2EN999 Module
Reading texts 1 (Literature) 1EN011 Module
Reading Texts 2 1EN200 Module
Reading the screen 1FS010 Module
Reds! The Rise and Fall of Soviet Communism 2HI503 Module
Reflections on the Contemporary MEN105 Module
Religion & Peace-building MCR007 Module
Religion & Philosophy in Contemporary Life MCR004 Module
Religion and Art 1RS011 Module
Religion and Creative Writing 3RS004 Module
Religion and Globalisation 3RS006 Module
Religion and Human Diversity 2RS001 Module
Religion and Myth 3RS014 Module
Religion and Peacebuilding MRS006 Module
Religion and Popular Culture MCR005 Module
Religion and Popular Culture MRS005 Module
Religion and Psychology MCR006 Module
Religion and the Visual Arts 3RS002 Module
Religion and the visual arts 3TH201 Module
Religion in Contemporary Practice MCR008 Module
Religion in the Public Sphere MCR003 Module
Religion in the Public Sphere 3RS027 Module
Religion in the Public Sphere MRS007 Module
Religion writing and the creative imagination 3TH390 Module
Religion, Gender and Sexuality MRS003 Module
Religions of East Asia 2RS004 Module
Religious approaches to war and peace 3RS026 Module
Research Dissertation MHI204 Module
Research Dissertation MHI209 Module
Research Dissertation I (Route A) MAS005 Module
Research Dissertation II (Route B) MAS006 Module
Research Methods MHI205 Module
Research Methods for Human Geography 2HG003 Module
Research Now 3EN608 Module
Research Project 2HG004 Module
Research Project 2GE307 Module
Researching and Presenting the Past 1HI503 Module
Researching issues in professional practice 8PD003 Module
Researching Religion MCR001 Module
Responses to the Holocaust 3RS013 Module
Revolution and Response: British Literature 1740-1840 *LIST UNDER REVIEW* 2EN603 Module
Revolutions 3PT006 Module
Romantic-Period Writing 2EN490 Module
Roundhead and Cavalier 3HI250 Module
Science Fiction for Survival 2EN601 Module
Scriptwriting 2CW104 Module
Scriptwriting (Literature) 3CW020 Module
shadow list 2RS013-SHADOW Module
Shakespeare and his contemporaries 3EN520 Module
Shakespeare and his contemporaries 2EN500 Module
Shakespeare: Perspectives 3EN330 Module
Shakespeare: Perspectives *LIST UNDER REVIEW* 2EN606 Module
Short dissertation 3TH998 Module
Short dissertation 3PT013 Module
Short dissertation (Christian Theology) 3RS018 Module
Short dissertation (Religion Philosophy and Ethics) 3RS022 Module
Short dissertation (Religious Studies) 3RS020 Module
Short dissertation (Theology and Religious Studies) 3RS024 Module
Sick Novels: Literature and Disease *LIST UNDER REVIEW* 2EN604 Module
Sikh Traditions 2RS017 Module
Social and Cultural Geography 1GE305 Module
Social and Cultural Geography 1HG004 Module
Social Transformations MHI208 Module
Society & Space 2GE301 Module
Society and Space 2HG001 Module
Special Study (20 credits) 3CP202 Module
Special Study (40 credits) 3CP203 Module
Special Study in History and American Studies 3HI506 Module
Special Study in History and American Studies 3HI507 Module
Special Topics in English Literature 1 3EN604 Module
Special Topics in English Literature II 3EN607 Module
Specialist topic : Christian theology 2RS009 Module
Specialist topic: religious studies 2RS006 Module
Speculative Bodies MEN104 Module
Spiritualilty and values in chaplaincy 3TP008 Module
Spirituality and Public Life MRS004 Module
Spirituality in postmodernity 3TP007 Module
Studies in philosophical theology 3RS015 Module
Studying Religion 1RS010 Module
Studying the Bible 1TP001 Module
Studying the Old Testament 2RS007 Module
Studying Theology in Context 1TP002 Module
Sustainability: Global Environmental Challenges 2GE306 Module
Texts and practice in Hindu traditions 2RS005 Module
The Age of Anxiety: Culture and Society in the USA, 1929-1960 2HI230 Module
The Age of Anxiety: Culture and Society in the USA, 1929-60 2HI504 Module
The Age of Revolution c. 1780-1830 2HI505 Module
The Bible and the Catholic Church 1TC601 Module
The Bible and the Church MTM004 Module
The Catholic Church and the Sacraments 1TC602 Module
The Changing Face of Society MRS001 Module
The Chaplain in the Institutional Context MTM010 Module
The Church in the local context 2TP004 Module
The Contemporary City 3HG003 Module
The Contemporary Writer MCW003 Module
The Empire Strikes Back: Mikhail Gorbachev and the Collapse of the Soviet Union 3HI516 Module
The English Revolution 3HI517 Module
The Experimental Century: Cultural Change in the Twentieth Century 3EN601 Module
The Face of Battle 2WS002 Module
The First Crusade: Europe and the Near East, 1090-1128 3HI502 Module
The Flowering of the Middle Ages, c.1000-1300 2HI501 Module
The Gospel in contemporary society 1TP007 Module
The Great Society 3HI260 Module
The Great Society: America in the 1960s 3HI500 Module
The history, theology and practice of chaplaincy 1TP005 Module
The Making of Britain 1HI504 Module
The making of modern America (The Making of Modern America) THE-MAKING-OF-MODERN-AMERICA Module
The Making of Modern America: 1877-1929 2HI509 Module
The Making of Modern Drama 3EN603 Module
The Medium is the Message 1CP205 Module
The Middle East 3PT011 Module
The Modern American: Fact, Fiction, Myth 1AS204 Module
The morality of war 3PT003 Module
The Nation Divided: Civil War Era 3AS082 Module
The Nation Divided: The Civil War Era in American Life 3AS203 Module
The Power of the Past in Early Modern Britain 2HI511 Module
The Sleeping Dragon: China 1911-1997 2HI506 Module
The social contract: justifying the State 3PT001 Module
The Special Relationship: Britain and the US from 1945 to the 21st Century 3AS202 Module
The State 2PT004 Module
The Story of the Bible 1RS002 Module
The Theology and Spirituality of Chaplaincy MTM012 Module
The Victorian Novel 3EN600 Module
The Visible Past 1HI505 Module
The Wars of the Roses 3HI515 Module
The World After Rome (500-1000) 2HI512 Module
Theological interpretation of the Bible 3RS011 Module
Theology 3THB04 Module
Theology and reflection 3THB18 Module
Theology and Religious Studies (TRS) MA Programme page TRSMA Module
Theology non practitioner 3THB06 Module
Theology practitioner 3THB05 Module
Theology: Action and Reflection 2RS002 Module
Theorising Literature: Power and Identity 1EN603 Module
Theorising the Contemporary: Critical Perspectives MEN100 Module
Tourism Geographies 1HG005 Module
Tourism Geographies 1GE306 Module
Tradition and Innovation MCW205 Module
Transnational Border Crossings MAS003 Module
Transnational Cinema 3FS010 Module
Transnational Cinema 3FS102 Module
Twentieth Century Writing 3EN300 Module
Understanding Chaplaincy Contexts (Placement) 1TP006 Module
Urban and Economic Geographies 1HG001 Module
Urban Geography 1GE301 Module
US Conflict in the East Asian Mainland 3HI504 Module
Using political philosophy 2PT003 Module
Using the Bible in Ministry 2TP001 Module
Values and Virtues: Ethics and Religion 1RS008 Module
Varieties of Writing: Poetry 2CW010 Module
Varieties of Writing: Prose 2CW020 Module
Violence and forgiveness 3TH860 Module
Visual Cultures 2CP203 Module
War and Society 1HI500 Module
War and the Media 1WS003 Module
War Studies Dissertation 3WS002 Module
Why Wars Begin 1WS002 Module
Work Related Learning (Christian Theology) 2RS019 Module
Work Related Learning (Religion, Philosophy and Ethics) 2RS020 Module
Work Related Learning (Religious Studies) 2RS021 Module
Working with children and young people 2THB25 Module
World Christianity 1RS012 Module
World, Globe, Literature MEN103 Module
Worship and preaching 2TP005 Module
Writers, Readers and Audiences MCW004 Module
Writing and the Environment MCW203 Module
Writing Fiction 2CW100 Module
Writing for Academic Success 1EN420 Module
Writing Genres 3CW100 Module
Writing in the World: Facilitation, Collaboration and Publication MCW202 Module
Writing Poetry 2CW103 Module
Writing Reality: Creative Non-fiction 2CW101 Module
Writing the Caribbean 3EN270 Module
Writing the Media 1CP200 Module
Writing the voice MEN092 Module
Writing the Voice MCW201 Module
Writing the Voice MCW002 Module
Writing to Order 1CW202 Module
Writing to Order 1CW100 Module
Writing, Research, and Literature 1EN601 Module

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