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Name Code Type
Academic and Professional Skills 1BMTZ2 Module
Academic Skills and Personal Development 0BM002 Module
Accounting and Finance for Decision Making MMBB08 Module
Accounting and Organisations 1BMA01 Module
Accounting journals (Accounting journals) ACCOUNTING-JOURNALS Module
Advanced Accounting Techniques MMB056 Module
Advanced Auditing 3BMA04 Module
Advanced Communication Skills 3BM230 Module
Advanced Criminal Law and Practice (L5) 2LW006 Module
Advanced Criminal Law and Practice (L6) 3LW020 Module
Advanced Financial Management MMBA02 Module
Advanced Financial Reporting 3BMA03 Module
Advanced Financial Reporting (1) 2BM190 Module
Advanced Financial Reporting (2) 3BM200 Module
Advanced Legal Research 3LW004 Module
Advanced Performance Management MMBA01 Module
Advanced Research Methods MCJ001 Module
Advanced Research Methods 1 MSR001 Module
Advanced Research Methods 2 MSR002 Module
Advanced Taxation 3BMA05 Module
Animal abuse and wildlife crime 3CL010 Module
Applied Business Research 3BM280 Module
Applied Econometrics 2BME01 Module
Applied Research in Contemporary Business Issues MMB065 Module
Asylum and Immigration Law 3LW017 Module
Becoming an Entrepreneurial Practitioner MMBE05 Module
Branding and Psychology Capstone Project MLB028 Module
Building and Leading High Performing Teams MMK005 Module
Building Specialisation: the Older Fitness Customer MLB011 Module
Building Success Through Coaching and Mentoring MMK007 Module
Business & Commercial Law 2BMA01 Module
Business and Sustainability MMB037-LDN Module
Business and Sustainability MMB037 Module
Business Consultancy Project MMBB99 Module
Business Creation Capstone Project MLB013 Module
Business Creation Project 3BMB16 Module
Business Development and Value Creation MMBB06 Module
Business Enterprise 0BM001 Module
Business Environment 1BMB06 Module
Business Environment 1BMB06TEMP Module
Business Environments in the Single European Market 3BM050 Module
Business Ethics 3BM150 Module
Business Ethics and CSR 3BMB03 Module
Business Logic and Process Modelling 1BMI01 Module
Business Operations 1BMB10 Module
Business Research Case Study 3BM130 Module
Business Research Project 3BMB12 Module
Business Research Project 3BMA12 Module
Business Research Project 3BMT12 Module
Business Research Project 3BMH12 Module
Business Research Project 3BME12 Module
Business Research Project 3BMM12 Module
Business Research Project 3BMI12 Module
Business Research Project 3BMF12 Module
Capstone Project MMK011 Module
Capstone Project MMBB15 Module
Capstone Project MMB071 Module
Childhood 1SC022 Module
Children, Families & the State 2SC023 Module
CMI Leadership and Management Development (CMI Leadership and Management Development) CMI-LEADERSHIP-AND-MANAGEMENT-DEVELOPMENT Module
Coaching and Mentoring Skills and Techniques MCM001 Module
Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Success MMK006 Module
Coaching for Success MMBL03 Module
Commercial Law and Practice (L5) 2LW005 Module
Commercial Law and Practice (L6) 3LW019 Module
Community Policing 1PC002 Module
Community Policing 1PC021 Module
Company Law 3LW016 Module
Constitutional Law 1LW003 Module
Consumer Behaviour 3BM090 Module
Consumer Behaviour 2BMM02 Module
Consumer Behaviour MMB038 Module
Contemporary Business Economics 3BME01 Module
Contemporary Developments in Sociological Thought 2SC001 Module
Contemporary Issues in Corporate Governance 3BM260 Module
Contemporary Issues in Hospitality 3BM250 Module
Contemporary Issues in Hospitality 3BMT09 Module
Contemporary Issues in the Technological Era 3BMI03 Module
Contemporary Social Theory 3SC001 Module
Contemporary Sports Industry 1BMS01 Module
Contemporary Theories in International Business MMBI02 Module
Continuing Professional Development 1 1BMZ01 Module
Continuing Professional Development 2 2BMZ01 Module
Continuous Professional Development through Reflective Practice MMB066 Module
Contract Law 1LW002 Module
Controversies in Criminal Justice MCJ003 Module
Corporate and White Collar Crime 3CL026 Module
Corporate Events and Hospitality 1BMT04 Module
Corporate Finance 2BMF02 Module
Corporate Governance 3BMA02 Module
Counter Terrorism 3PP004 Module
Creative Design Thinking for Innovation MLB007 Module
Crime and deviance in the contemporary world 1CL005 Module
Crime and Deviance in the Contemporary World 1CL021 Module
Crime and Media 3CL022 Module
Crime and popular culture 3CL005 Module
Crime and Society 2LW007 Module
Crime and the Economy 2CL023 Module
Crime and the economy 2CL006 Module
Criminal Justice 1PP004 Module
Criminal Law 1LW004 Module
Criminological Investigation 3CL020 Module
Criminological Theory MCJ002 Module
Criminology and crime prevention 1PP006 Module
Critical Criminology 3CL025 Module
Cultural and Heritage Tourism 2BMT02 Module
Culture, Leadership, Innovation and Change MOD302 Module
Culture, Leadership, Innovation and Change MMK003 Module
Cybercrime 3LW015 Module
Data Analytics and the Blockchain MMBB03 Module
Databases for Business 2BMI02 Module
Death 3SC028 Module
Decision making and discretion 3PP003 Module
Delivering the Customer Experience 1BMT05 Module
Designing a Research Project 2BM230 Module
Designing evidence-based policing research 2PP001 Module
Designing Social Research MSR003 Module
Designing Sociological Investigations 2SC002 Module
Destination Marketing 2BMT01 Module
Developing a Business Research Project 3BMM11 Module
Developing a Business Research Project 3BMT11 Module
Developing a Business Research Project 3BMF11 Module
Developing a Business Research Project 3BMB11 Module
Developing a Business Research Project 3BMH11 Module
Developing a Business Research Project 3BME11 Module
Developing a Business Research Project 3BMA11 Module
Developing a Business Research Project 3BMI11 Module
Developing a Fitness Business around a Strategy of Market Segmentation MLB010 Module
Developing a Strategic Business Proposition and Plan MLB001 Module
Developing an Organisation Based Project 3BME13 Module
Developing an Organisation Based Project 3BMB13 Module
Developing an Organisation Based Project 3BMM13 Module
Developing an Organisation Based Project 3BMT13 Module
Developing an Organisation Based Project 3BMF13 Module
Developing an Organisation Based Project 3BMH13 Module
Developing an Organisation Based Project 3BMA13 Module
Developing an Organisation Based Project 3BMI13 Module
Developing E-Commerce 3BMI02 Module
Developing E-Commerce Applications 3BM120 Module
Developing Talent in Organisations 2BMH02 Module
Developing Web Applications 3IT020 Module
Developments in Business and Society 0BM004 Module
Deviance 1SC024 Module
Devising a Product / Service and Distribution Strategy MLB003 Module
Digital and Interactive Marketing MMBM04 Module
Digital Business Communication 3BM190 Module
Digital Change, Innovation and Disruption MMBM08 Module
Digital Entrepreneurship and Social Transformation 3SC027 Module
Digital Marketing MMB047 Module
Digital Marketing and Communication 3BMM01 Module
Digital Policing 3PP005 Module
Dissertation 3BMM10 Module
Dissertation 3BMI10 Module
Dissertation 3BME10 Module
Dissertation 3BMB10 Module
Dissertation 3LW009 Module
Dissertation 3BMA10 Module
Dissertation MOD304 Module
Dissertation 3BMH10 Module
Dissertation MSR004 Module
Dissertation MCJ008 Module
Dissertation 3BMT10 Module
Dissertation MOD053 Module
Dissertation 3BMF10 Module
Dissertation 40-CR (Business Management) 3BM160 Module
Driving Insight from Data Analytics MMBM06 Module
Driving Value through Change and Cultural Management MMBL04 Module
Dynamic Perspectives on Sustainable Business MMBB04 Module
e-business 3IT040 Module
E-Business 3BMI01 Module
Ebooks for London Executive MBA MBA-LONDON Module
Economic Policy and Practice 1BME02 Module
Economics and Finance 1BM040 Module
Employee Resourcing 2BMH01 Module
Employment Development 2BM180 Module
Employment Law (L5) 2LW009 Module
Employment Law (L6) 3LW021 Module
Employment Law In Practice MMBH03 Module
Employment Relations in the Contemporary Organisation MMBH04 Module
Enterprise and Entrepreneurship MMB069 Module
Entrepreneurship and Society MMK008 Module
Equity and Trusts 3LW001 Module
Essence of Leadership MOD300 Module
Establishing a Financial Framework MLB006 Module
Ethics, Scandal and Business Decisions 1BMB09 Module
Ethnicity, Crime and the Criminal Justice System 2CL005 Module
Ethnicity, Nationality and Social Control 2CL024 Module
European Union Law 2LW002 Module
Event Impact, Legacies and Regeneration 3BMT03 Module
Events Planning 2BMT03 Module
Evidence 3LW006 Module
Evidence-based Policing 2PC022 Module
Evidence-based policing 2PC005 Module
Evidenced-based policing dissertation 3PP001 Module
Executive Capstone Project MMB075 Module
Executive Perspectives on Innovation, Change and Leadership MMB067 Module
Exploring murder 3CL003 Module
Family Law 3LW010 Module
Fashion and Luxury Capstone Project MLB049 Module
Fashion Branding MMBF07 Module
Fashion Buying, Merchandising and Logistics MLB044 Module
Fashion History and Contemporary Culture MLB048 Module
Fashion Strategy and Management MMBF01 Module
Finance journals (Finance journals) FINANCE-JOURNALS Module
Financial Accounting 1BMA03 Module
Financial Capital Markets 1BMF01 Module
Financial Control in Diverse Organisations MMB057 Module
Financial Management 2BM010 Module
Financial Planning and Control 2BMA03 Module
Financial Reporting 2BMA02 Module
Financial Reporting Theory and Practice 3BM240 Module
Foundations of Business Information Systems 1BM110 Module
Foundations of Economic and Financial Analysis 0BM003 Module
Fundamentals of criminological theory 1CL002 Module
Fundamentals of Criminological Theory 1CL020 Module
Fundamentals of Law 1LW001 Module
Future Trends in Design MLB008 Module
Gender, Body and Power 3SC030 Module
Gender, Sexualities and Media Representations 3SC004 Module
Gender, Sexuality and Crime 2CL004 Module
Gender, Sexuality and Law 3LW005 Module
Gender, Sexuality and Media 2SC021 Module
General management journals (General management journals) GENERAL-MANAGEMENT-JOURNALS Module
Global Business Issues MMBI03 Module
Global Business Strategy MMBB07 Module
Global Crime MCJ007 Module
Global Fashion Brand Development and Omnichannel Communications MLB046 Module
Global Fashion Consumers MMBF02 Module
Global Fashion Marketing MMBF04 Module
Global Markets and Consumers MMB004 Module
Global Strategic Human Resource Management in Context MMBH01 Module
Global Trends and Developments in Luxury MLB043 Module
Globalisation and Contemporary HRM 3BMH02 Module
Handling service users and incidents 1PC001 Module
Health, Illness and Society 3SC026 Module
High Impact Management Consulting MMK010 Module
Hospitality & Service Operations 2BMT04 Module
Hospitality & Events in the 21st Century 1BMT02 Module
Hospitality Internship Project 3BMT08 Module
Hospitality Retail 3BMT05 Module
Hotel Operations Management 3BMT07 Module
Housing and Welfare Law 3LW008 Module
HR Policy and Practice 3BMH01 Module
Human Resource Management Journals (Human Resource Management Journals) HUMAN-RESOURCE-MANAGEMENT-JOURNALS Module
Human Rights 2LW003 Module
ICT and Study Skills 1BM020 Module
Identity, Discourse and Ideology 1SC004 Module
Independent study 3CL009 Module
Independent study 3PC001 Module
Industry Experience MLB045 Module
Industry Experience MLB005 Module
Information Management Journals (Information Management Journals) INFORMATION-MANAGEMENT-JOURNALS Module
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Journals (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Journals) INNOVATION-AND-ENTREPRENEURSHIP-JOURNALS Module
Insurance and Risk Management 3BMF03 Module
Integrated Fashion Communications MMBF06 Module
Integrated Marketing Communications 2BMM03 Module
Intellectual Property Law 3LW014 Module
Intelligence and Information 2PP005 Module
International Business Economics 3BM180TEMP Module
International Business Economics 3BM180 Module
International Business Journals (International Business Journals) INTERNATIONAL-BUSINESS-JOURNALS Module
International Business Strategy MMB040 Module
International Corporate Governance MMB042 Module
International Corporate Governance MMBI04 Module
International Criminal Law 3LW013 Module
International Finance 2BMF01 Module
International Marketing 3BM060 Module
International Marketing 3BMM02 Module
International Political Economy and Development 3BME02 Module
International Political Economy and Development MMBI05 Module
International Trade 2BME02 Module
International Trade and Business MMB039 Module
International Trade and Business MMBI01 Module
Interviewing (APP investigation) 2PC004 Module
Introduction to Accounting 1BM120 Module
Introduction to Auditing 2BMA07 Module
Introduction to Auditing and Taxation 2BMA04 Module
Introduction to Business Research 3BM290 Module
Introduction to Case Study Research 3BM220 Module
Introduction to Economics 1BM140 Module
Introduction to Economics 1BME01 Module
Introduction to Financial Accounting 1BMA02 Module
Introduction to Management Accounting 1BMA04 Module
Introduction to Research in Contemporary Business Issues MMB064-LDN Module
Introduction to Research in Contemporary Business Issues MMB064 Module
Introduction to Research in Contemporary Issues MMB065-LDN Module
Introduction to researching and writing for criminologists 1CL001 Module
Introduction to Sociological Theory 1SC020 Module
Introduction to Sociological Thought 1SC001 Module
Introduction to Taxation 2BMA06 Module
Introduction to the Criminal Justice System 1CL024 Module
Investigating Sociologically 1SC002 Module
Investigation 2PP006 Module
Issues in Criminal Justice 2CL022 Module
Jurisprudence 3LW011 Module
Key concepts for criminologists 1CL003 Module
Land Law 1LW005 Module
Law in Action (1) 1LW006 Module
Law in Action (2) 2LW008 Module
Law of Succession 3LW002 Module
Leadership and management MLB026 Module
Leadership and Management MMB044 Module
Leadership and Management Coaching MMB045 Module
Leadership and Organisation Studies Journals (Leadership and Organisation Studies Journals) LEADERSHIP-AND-ORGANISATION-STUDIES-JOURNALS Module
Leadership in Organisations MMBL01 Module
Leadership, Innovation & Change 3BMB04 Module
Leading and Managing the Business Project MMB061 Module
Leading Innovation and Change MMK001 Module
Leading Innovation and Change MOD301 Module
Leading Innovation and Cultural Change MMBB05 Module
Luxury Brand Strategy MLB047 Module
Management & Leadership 2BMB01 Module
Management Accounting and Management Control 3BM210 Module
Management in Fashion and Luxury MLB009 Module
Management Project 3BMB15 Module
Managing a Diverse Workforce 3BM100 Module
Managing Accounting and Finance 1BM150 Module
Managing Business Finance MMB002 Module
Managing Business Finance MMB053 Module
Managing demand 3PC002 Module
Managing Demand for Policing 3PC022 Module
Managing Employee Performance 1BMH01 Module
Managing Employee Performance and Reward in a Competitive Environment MMBH02 Module
Managing Events 3BMT04 Module
Managing Finance 2BMB02 Module
Managing Financial Performance MMBB13 Module
Managing Human Resources 2BMB05 Module
Managing Learning and Development MMBH06 Module
Managing Operations and Information Systems MMB055 Module
Managing Organisational Development 3BMH03 Module
Managing Performance and Reward 3BM270 Module
Managing Personal and Organisational Change 3BM041 Module
Managing Projects and Programmes MMBP01 Module
Managing the Project Environment MMB072 Module
Marketing and Brand Strategy for New Businesses MLB002 Module
Marketing and Data Analytics MMBB09 Module
Marketing and Operations Management 1BM080 Module
Marketing Communications MMB049 Module
Marketing Communications 3BM140 Module
Marketing Communications MMBM01 Module
Marketing Culture and Heritage MMB052 Module
Marketing in the Arts and Creative Industries MMB051 Module
Marketing Journals (Marketing Journals) MARKETING-JOURNALS Module
Marketing Organisation, Measurement and Ethics MMB050 Module
Marketing Principles 1BMM01 Module
Marketing Research 1BMM02 Module
Mastering Strategic Consulting MMK009 Module
Murder 3CL028 Module
New acquisitions: Social Studies NEWACQSOCSTU Module
New Venture Creation MMBE02 Module
Operations & Project Management 3BMB01 Module
Operations and Project Management MMBB10 Module
Operations Management Journals (Operations Management Journals) OPERATIONS-MANAGEMENT-JOURNALS Module
Organisation Based Project 3BMF14 Module
Organisation Based Project 3BMA14 Module
Organisation Based Project 3BMB14 Module
Organisation Based Project 3BMT14 Module
Organisation Based Project 3BMM14 Module
Organisation Based Project 3BMH14 Module
Organisation Based Project 3BMI14 Module
Organisation Based Project 3BME14 Module
Organisation Behaviour 1BMB03 Module
Organisational Behaviour 1BM100 Module
Organisational Behaviour in the Digital Age 1BMB08 Module
Organisational Change and Culture MMB043 Module
Organisational Design and Strategic Thinking MMB068 Module
Organisational Strategy and Decision Making 3BMB02 Module
Organisational Strategy and Decision Making 3BM020 Module
Organisations, Competition and Environment 1BM090 Module
Penology MCJ004 Module
People Management MMB054 Module
People Management 2BMB04 Module
People Management MMB054-LDN Module
Performance Management 2BMA05 Module
Personal and Professional Development 1BMAZ1 Module
Perspectives on People Management MMBL02 Module
Perspectives on Quality Assurance Management MMBB11 Module
Perspectives on Sustainable Business MMBB02 Module
Philosophical aspects of criminological theory 3CL001 Module
Planning and Organising the Business Project (CMI) MMB060 Module
Police and Policing 1PC020 Module
Policing MCJ006 Module
Policing communities and problem solving 1PP005 Module
Policing Mental Health 1PC003 Module
Policing the roads 2PP004 Module
Political Sociology 2SC024 Module
Portfolio Management 3BMF01 Module
Preparing for Business 1BMB01 Module
Presessional 10 summer 2018 PS10 Module
Preventing and punishing 1CL006 Module
Preventing and Punishing 1CL022 Module
Principles of Auditing 2BM270 Module
Principles of Business and Commercial Law 2BM280 Module
Principles of Taxation 2BM290 Module
Priority and volume 2PC003 Module
Prisons and Penology 3CL023 Module
Prisons and penology 3CL008 Module
Problem Solving Using Programming 2BMI01 Module
Professional Accounting Dissertation MMBA05 Module
Professional and Organised Crime 3CL030 Module
Professional Conduct and Ethics 3LW003 Module
Professional Experience and Career Planning 2BM240 Module
Professional Practice 2BMB10 Module
Project Commercial Management MMBP05 Module
Project Leadership and Change Management MMB074 Module
Project Leadership and Team Management MMBP04 Module
Project Management MMB041 Module
Project Management People & Organisations 3BMP01 Module
Project Management Planning, Tools and Techniques MMB073 Module
Project Management Processes 3BMP02 Module
Project Planning Control & Analysis MMBP03 Module
Property Law and Practice (L5) 2LW004 Module
Property Law and Practice (L6) 3LW018 Module
Prototyping the Fitness Businesses of the Future MLB012 Module
Public Protection 3PP002 Module
Public safety and security 2PC001 Module
Public Safety and Security 2PC021 Module
Qualitative Approaches to Research 2CL001 Module
Quantitative Analysis 1BMF02 Module
Quantitative Approaches to Research 2CL002 Module
Quantitative Sociological Investigations 2SC007 Module
Race, Religion and Law 3LW012 Module
Research Investigation MMB063 Module
Research Methods and Project Management 2BMB03 Module
Research Methods for Business 2BM220 Module
Researching and Presenting 1SS001 Module
Researching Contemporary Business Issues MMB062JAN Module
Researching Contemporary Business Issues MMB062 Module
Researching Contemporary Business Issues MMBB01 Module
Researching in Hospitality 3BMT06 Module
Resources Management 1BMB07 Module
Response policing 2PP002 Module
Responsible Business 1BMB02 Module
Responsible Tourism 3BMT02 Module
Responsible Tourism 3BM110 Module
Risk and Issue Management MMBP06 Module
Safeguarding (Sex and Exploitation) 3PC023 Module
Safeguarding: sex and exploitation 3PC003 Module
Schools and Social Reproduction 1SC005 Module
Sex Work 3CL021 Module
Sex work 3CL006 Module
Social Change, Technology and Risk 2SC027 Module
Social Enterprise: a new Frontier of Cooperation, Collaboration and Craft Work MMBE04 Module
Social Inequalities: Classical Debates 1SC003 Module
Social Inequalities: Contemporary Debates 2SC028 Module
Social Inequalities: Contemporary Debates 2SC004 Module
Social Inequalities: Key Themes 1SC023 Module
Social Research Methods 1 2SS001 Module
Social Research Methods 2 2SS002 Module
Social Sciences PhD reading list 1SSPHD Module
Sociological Investigation 3SC020 Module
Sociological Investigation 3SC002 Module
Sociology of Everyday Life 1SC021 Module
Sociology of Murder 3SC005 Module
Sociology of Religion 2SC005 Module
Sociology of the Very Worst 2SC025 Module
Sociology of Work 2SC022 Module
Solving Social Problems 3SC029 Module
Spatial Sociology 3SC021 Module
Special Project 0BM006 Module
State, Nation and Migration 3SC025 Module
Strategic and Operational Human Resource Management MMB059 Module
Strategic Brand Management MMB046 Module
Strategic Brand Management MLB023 Module
Strategic Brand Management MMBM05 Module
Strategic Business Leader MMBA04 Module
Strategic Business Reporting MMBA03 Module
Strategic Corporate Finance 3BMF02 Module
Strategic Corporate Finance 3BM070 Module
Strategic Human Resource Management MMBB12 Module
Strategic Human Resource Management 3BM170 Module
Strategic Management Accounting 3BMA01 Module
Strategic Marketing Planning MMBM02 Module
Strategic Marketing Planning MMB048-LDN Module
Strategic Marketing Planning 2BMM01 Module
Strategic Marketing Planning MMB048 Module
Strategic Project Management MMBP02 Module
Strategic Resource Management MMB070 Module
Strategic Thinking and Strategic Leadership MOD303 Module
Strategic Thinking in Digital Marketing MMBM09 Module
Study and employability skills 1PP003 Module
Study Skills - Study Skills (Study Skills) STUDY-SKILLS Module
Successful Strategic Thinking MMK004 Module
Supply Chain, Ethics & Logistics MMBF05 Module
Surveillance 3CL004 Module
Sustainable Business MMB019 Module
Technology and Society 3SC022 Module
Terrorism and Law 3LW007 Module
Terrorism state crime and political violence 3CL002 Module
Terrorism, State Crime and Political Violence 2CL025 Module
The Branding Lab MLB027 Module
The Business of Luxury and Fashion Marketing MLB041 Module
The Creative Entrepreneur MLB004 Module
The Dynamics of Managing Conflict, Diversity and Ethics MMB058 Module
The Dynamics of Recruitment and Selection MMBH05 Module
The Essence of Entrepreneurship and Innovation MMBE01 Module
The Essence of Healthcare Management MMBB14 Module
The Essence of Leadership MMK002 Module
The Politics of Business 1BMB05 Module
The Psychology of Branding MLB021 Module
The Psychology of Consumer Behaviour MLB022 Module
The Psychology of Consumption MLB025 Module
The Psychology of Marketing MMB076 Module
The Psychology of Marketing MMBM03 Module
The Psychology of Marketing Communications MLB024 Module
The role of the police 1PP001 Module
The Sociology of Deviance 1SC006 Module
The Sociology of Work 2SC003 Module
The Taming of Education 3SC007 Module
Theory and Practices of Experiential Luxury MLB042 Module
Tort Law 2LW001 Module
Tourism Industries 1BMT01 Module
Tourism Industries 1BM070 Module
Tourism Journals (Tourism Journals) TOURISM-JOURNALS Module
Tourism Policy and Planning 3BM030 Module
Tourism Policy and Planning 3BMT01 Module
Trend Forecasting & Fashion Buying MMBF03 Module
Urban Criminology 3CL024 Module
Valuing difference and inclusion 1PP002 Module
Ventures in Entrepreneurship 1BMB04 Module
Victimology MCJ005 Module
Victimology 1CL004 Module
Victimology 1CL023 Module
Violence and Reconciliation 2SC006 Module
Vulnerability and risk 2PP003 Module
Website Development 1BMI02 Module
White collar and corporate crime 3CL011 Module
Work Based Learning 1 1BMW01 Module
Work Based Learning 2 2BMW01 Module
work placement 2BMWZ1 Module
Working with Criminology 2CL021 Module
Working with criminology 2CL003 Module
Working with policing and/or justice 2PC002 Module
Youth and Resistance 3SC006 Module
Youth and Resistance 3CL029 Module
Youth crime and justice 3CL007 Module

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