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Name Code Type
3DG00X Client Project: Furniture 3DG00X Module
Advanced Studio and Exhibition Practice 3FA100 Module
Advanced Studio Practice (Fine Art) 3AR301 Module
Advanced Studio Practice (Illustration) 3AR311 Module
Advanced Studio Practice (Photograph) 3AR321 Module
Advanced Web Development 3CB109 Module
Advanced Web Development 3CB006 Module
AI MSW011 Module
Animation Client Project 3DG101 Module
Animation Major Project 3DG102 Module
Artificial Intelligence 3CB004 Module
Artificial Intelligence 3CB107 Module
Artificial Intelligence for Games 3CB113 Module
Audience and engagement 3FA031 Module
Brand Identity and Experiences MLD024 Module
British School of Design Professional Project MLD005 Module
Client Project: Graphics 3DG004 Module
Client Project: Interiors 3DG003 Module
Client Project: Product 3DG002 Module
Cloud Computing MSW007 Module
Collaborative Design 2DG006 Module
Collaborative Projects 2DG109 Module
Communication Design MDG014 Module
Composition and Form 1FA100 Module
Computer Game Fundamentals 1CB104 Module
Computer Science Major Project 3CB101 Module
Computer Science Project 3CB003 Module
Computer Systems Fundamentals 1CB002 Module
Computer Systems Fundamentals 1CB103 Module
Critical and Cultural Theory 2FA104 Module
Critical Contexts 1AR300 Module
Critical Contexts 1 1AR308 Module
Critical Contexts 1 (Photography) 1AR310 Module
Critical Contexts 2 1AR309 Module
Critical Contexts 2 (Photography) 1AR311 Module
Critical Enquiry 2AR300 Module
Critical Enquiry (exchange) 2AR307 Module
Critical Enquiry 1 2AR308 Module
Critical Enquiry 1 (Photography) 2AR310 Module
Critical Enquiry 2 2AR309 Module
Critical Enquiry 2 (Photography) 2AR311 Module
Cybercrime Security 3CB108 Module
Cybercrime Security 3CB005 Module
Data and Information Management 2CB001 Module
Data Science MSW008 Module
Data Security MSY006 Module
Data Visualisation 3CB110 Module
Databases 2CB102 Module
Databases MSW012 Module
Databases and Networks 2CB104 Module
Design Affordances and Interactions MLD004 Module
Design and Emerging Technologies MDG017 Module
Design Innovation Project: 3D Design & Technology MDG018 Module
Design Innovation Project: Virtual and Augmented Reality MDG012 Module
Design Innovation Project: Visual Communication MDG015 Module
Design of Experiences MLD002 Module
Design Patterns MSW006 Module
Design Patterns for Games 2CB106 Module
Design Practice 1DG001 Module
Design Practice - 3D 1DG101 Module
Design Practice - Digital 1DG102 Module
Design Research and Innovation Proposal 3DG001 Module
Design Research for the Designer Maker 1DG103 Module
Design Research for the Digital Domain 1DG104 Module
Design Research Innovation Proposals 3DG113 Module
Design Thinking MDG010 Module
Digital Design and Brand Communication MLD022 Module
Digital Design and Interactive Technologies MLD003 Module
Digital Design Applications 2DG001 Module
Digital Design Applications 2DG104 Module
Fine Art Explorations 1AR304 Module
Fine Art Exposition 2AR304 Module
Fine Art Fundamentals 1AR301 Module
Fine Art Practice and Development 2AR301 Module
Forensics MSY008 Module
Furniture Design Client Project 3DG103 Module
Furniture Design Major Project 3DG104 Module
Game Engine Development 3CB106 Module
Games Design Client Project 3DG105 Module
Games Design Major Project 3DG106 Module
Games Engineering MSW009 Module
Gamification MSW014 Module
Graphic Design Client Project 3DG111 Module
Graphic Design Major Project 3DG112 Module
Human Computer Interaction 3CB002 Module
Human Computer Interaction 3CB104 Module
Identities and Artistic Practice 2CR010 Module
Illustration Explorations 1AR305 Module
Illustration Exposition 2AR305 Module
Illustration Fundamentals 1AR302 Module
Illustration Practice and Development 2AR302 Module
Immersive Design MDG011 Module
Independent Project MPR140 Module
Independent Research Project 3AR300 Module
Interior Design Client Project 3DG109 Module
Interior Design Major Project 3DG110 Module
Internet of Things for Games 3CB114 Module
Introduction to Digital and Experience Design MLD001 Module
Introduction to Digital and Visual Brand Design MLD021 Module
Introduction to Programming 1CB003 Module
iOS Games Development 3CB111 Module
Major Design Project: 3D Design & Technologies MDG019 Module
Major Design Project: Virtual and Augmented Reality MDG013 Module
Major Design Project: Visual Communication MDG016 Module
Major Project MSY013 Module
Major Project MSW018 Module
Major Project MSW016 Module
Major Project: Graphics 3DG007 Module
Major Project: Interiors 3DG006 Module
Major Project: Product 3DG005 Module
Masters Project MAR009 Module
Material Intelligence MAR001 Module
Mathematics and problem solving 1CB102 Module
Maths for Computing 1CB001 Module
Maths for Software Engineering MSW001 Module
Media, Time & Space 1FA102 Module
Mobile Application Development 2CB107 Module
Mobile Application Development 2CB006 Module
Moodle Test YRL_EXAMPLEPAGE Module
Navigation and locating Practice MAR005 Module
Network Infrastructure and Management 2CB005 Module
Network Security MSY007 Module
Networking 2CB103 Module
Networks MSW013 Module
Object Orientated Design MSW002 Module
Object Oriented Programming MSW003 Module
Philosophies of Technology 2CB109 Module
Philosophies of Technology 2CB003 Module
Photography Explorations 1AR306 Module
Photography Exposition 2AR306 Module
Photography Fundamentals 1AR303 Module
Photography Practice and Development 2AR303 Module
Policy and Governance MSY003 Module
Policy for Software Engineers MSW010 Module
Practice and Context 2FA103 Module
Practice as Research (Theatre) 2CR030 Module
Practice in Context MPR230 Module
Producer Design Client Project 3DG107 Module
Product Design Major Project 3DG108 Module
Professional Portfolio 2DG108 Module
Professional Portfolio 2DG005 Module
Professional Practice 2CB004 Module
Professional Practice Portfolio 3FA102 Module
Professional Project 2CB108 Module
Programming 01 1CB101 Module
Programming 02 1CB105 Module
Programming 03 2CB101 Module
Programming for Games Major Project 3CB103 Module
Programming Fundamentals 3SW002 Module
Questions of Practice MPR220 Module
Requirements Engineering MSW004 Module
Research Design Methods 1DG002 Module
Research Methods MSW017 Module
Research Methods MSY012 Module
Research Methods MSW015 Module
Reverse Engineering MSY011 Module
Risk Management and Response MSY002 Module
Secure Design MSY004 Module
Secure Programming MSY009 Module
Security Fundamentals MSY001 Module
Serious Games 3CB115 Module
Situated Professional Practice 3AR302 Module
Situated Professional Practice (Illustration) 3AR312 Module
Situated Professional Practice (Photography) 3AR322 Module
Social Engineering MSY005 Module
Software Development Management MSW005 Module
Software Engineering 1CB106 Module
Software Engineering 2CB002 Module
Software Engineering and Multimedia 1CB005 Module
Software Engineering Fundamentals 3SW001 Module
Software Engineering Major Project 3CB102 Module
Software Engineering: Design Patterns 2CB105 Module
Software Solutions for Business 3CB112 Module
Specialist Expansive Studio Practice (Fine Art) MAR002 Module
Specialist Expansive Studio Practice (Illustration) MAR003 Module
Specialist Expansive Studio Practice (Photography) MAR004 Module
Specialist Professional Practice (Fine Art) MAR006 Module
Specialist Professional Practice (Illustration) MAR007 Module
Specialist Professional Practice (Photography) MAR008 Module
Specialist Project 1DG003 Module
Specialist Project - 3D/Interiors 1DG105 Module
Specialist Project - Digital 1DG106 Module
Specialist Studio Practice: Animation 2DG102 Module
Specialist Studio Practice: Animation (Student Exchange) 2DG112 Module
Specialist Studio Practice: Furniture Design 2DG101 Module
Specialist Studio Practice: Furniture Design (Student Exchange) 2DG111 Module
Specialist Studio Practice: Games Design 2DG103 Module
Specialist Studio Practice: Games Design (Student Exchange) 2DG110 Module
Specialist Studio Practice: Graphic Design (Student Exchange) 2DG115 Module
Specialist Studio Practice: Graphics 2DG004 Module
Specialist Studio Practice: Graphics 2DG107 Module
Specialist Studio Practice: Interior Design (Student Exchange) 2DG114 Module
Specialist Studio Practice: Interiors 2DG106 Module
Specialist Studio Practice: Interiors 2DG003 Module
Specialist Studio Practice: Product 2DG002 Module
Specialist Studio Practice: Product Design 2DG105 Module
Specialist Studio Practice: Product Design 2DG113 Module
Technology in Context 1CB004 Module
Technology in Context 1CB107 Module
The Internet of Things 3CB105 Module
The Internet of Things 3CB001 Module
Theories of Practice 1FA103 Module
Visual Design & Brand Innovation MLD023 Module
Wireless Networks security MSY010 Module
Working in the Creative Industries 2FA105 Module
Written Research Project 3FA101 Module

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